AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections

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That's the reason I read Age of Fable to my daughter.

I hadn't read the book before myself and her older brother didn't read it until he was older. Thanks for sharing this- it's helpful to see a review.

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You've got so many wonderful books listed here!!!! I always love reading your wrap-ups, Carol, since you are just a step ahead of me. Well, a lot of steps ahead of me wisdom-wise, but just a step ahead of me with Moozle : We are finding your MHLW resources to be a great addition to our science studies this term, so thank you for compiling them!

This is a wonderful wrap-up to the year. I've looked at Ambleside over the years and wondered how it would look in practice. Do you require many written narrations, or all they all oral? Sara, I get them to do either an oral or written narration for each reading. It's been different for each child, but I gradually build up the written narrations I require and they can take different forms - eg an entry in a science notebook, a straight retelling or perhaps a more creative form such as a poem or a letter etc.

For an older student I like them to do some sort of written work each day. Post a Comment. Tuesday, 29 September Ambleside Online Year 4 - a review of our year. My original plan for covering Ambleside Online Year 4 which included substitutions to fit in with the Australian History of the time period covered is here: An Educational Manifesto We followed the schedule as shown in that post except for the short biography of James Ruse.

About 3 chapters into the book it suddenly went missing - and I still haven't found it. So what did Moozle think of her books for this year? It covers the same events as Our Sunburnt Country. Having said that, each book focusses a little differently to the other and I was happy for Moozle to read Our Sunburnt Country in her own time.

I am actually going to follow their 36 week schedule to see how it goes. We've read it dozens of times! We will be doing year 1 and 3 next year. I found the AO site through this board and have been trying it out to finish up this year. We have been loving it. I won't leave it out then.

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I'm glad to hear it. I will be reading it at least four times between two kids and using AO and OM. It's nice to hear you wouldn't mind reading it that much! How about Just So Stories? Dd is 6, and we did AO Yr 1 this year. She loved it. We added SL and Earthschooling to the mix, though, and they will tag along this next year, too.

She also loved The Jungle Book. You could easily use Waldorf storytelling methods with Just So Stories if you feel you want or need to do so. The stories aren't long and appeal to the imagination. I just wanted to recommend that you get James Herriot's Treasury for Children now, even though it's covered next year in OM. My boys LOVE that book. It's one of their favorites and ask me to read stories from it several times a week for the last 2 years! It's the kind of book with stories children want to hear over and over.

For second grade I would recommend doing AO year 1. Also, join the yahoo groups - there is a wealth of information there. We started AO year 1 in January ds will be 7 in July and we certainly could have waited until now to do it. We are enjoying it, but it is very challenging, and they really recommend staring year 1 at age 7. The years aren't necessarily written to correlate with grades. We love AO and plan to do it through high school. These books are wonderful As to the next question, I have used AO in one form or another for the last 10 or more years I love it! I am able to tweak without guilt because it is free!!!!

Ds is fluctuating between Year 11 and doing Omnibus I already have the books for AO My will be 2nd and 3rd graders will be doing Yr 2 and my will be 6th grader will do some selections from Yr 7. We started with AO when my oldest was half way through first grade. Later we sped up our history to get on the 4-year cycle. I've been struggling to get back what we lost ever since! I'm very excited to go back to AO for my younger ones! It is all about his life and the areas in England where the stories take place.

It has many beautiful pictures. I love it. I showed it the kids but they seem less thrilled. I guess because they just like his stories. They did get a kick out of seeing farms that look just like ones in his stories. I picked it up at a used book sale, but you may be able to find it at the library. And yes, my boys love his stories too. I think I may read one today now that you all have reminded me.

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Not trying to hijack let me know if I should move this to its own thread, though , but can I get encouragement from those of you who have done Ambleside successfully? I bought all the books. The first week, I gave them their first assignments. The books were too hard and boring their words. So, like the good, persevering mother that I am, I bailed.

Any of you Ambleside vets have suggestions? Did I pick the wrong years? They are both very strong readers, but of course, the books were unlike anything they have read on their own. I'd love to hear more about how you do this. My ds like OIS though. Also, my dd hated the schedule. She loves the satisfaction she gets of finishing a book. With AO, the books are drawn out so much that she rarely gets that. Anyway, could you explain a bit about how you follow certain AO years without the history and schedule?

What do you use for history? I will be using year 1 for our dd's 2nd grade. I tried it at the beginning of this school year and the history titles were a bit over the top for her. I waited and tried it again for the last two weeks to test the waters and it has been much better. Someone on the yr 1 yahoo group suggested that I have my daughter make an illustration page for each history story she was used to picture books and likes atleast one picture to go along with a story. It worked great! She really likes to do history now.

She waits until I am about half way through the story and starts drawing. We also use the Burgess Picture cards linked somewhere in the group files and hang each card on a tree branch we put in our livingroom to represent a tree as we read each chapter of the Burgess Bird Book. It is a really cute idea. I used the copywork pdf in the files section and created copywork sheets with the Donna Young free cursive font.

They came out so nice that I think I will have it spiral bound for ease of use. I love all of the wonderful things I found on the AO site and yahoo groups. It is wonderful to have it for free! I know one of the moderators of Ambleside Online. Her eldest daughter graduated from the program and is studying nursing and is doing well in the nursing program due to her Ambleside Online lessons. So, be encouraged! You know Ambleside or AO is suppose to be "a free and affordable education.

A lot of the books can be found online. I have only purchased a few books. I started in Year 4 full blown with the program. However, my older son loved Story of the World. So, we stuck with the 4 year history cycle. My children loved this program. I would only go two paragraphs at a time.

They narrate their paragraphs to me. If they struggle, we go over what they might not have understood. I work with them slowly throughout the week. They usually catch on by the end of the year. The following year some of the books they can read entire chapters on their own.

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Some we still have to go one or two paragraphs at a time. It is a slow process, but they start to understand more and more and they are getting great literature. We did Year 1 for 2nd grade and we're half-way through Year 2 3rd grade. We're continuing through the summer and I figure we'll be done with Year 2 before October. Then we'll go right into Year 3. We LOVE it. We also try to incorporate many CM methods, like: short lessons, afternoons free, nature notebooks, copywork, history timeline, and handicrafts.

You have to read as much as you can on the AO website before you begin. What I've learned is that because AO is such a challenging curriculum, the selections should be read to the child up to about Year 4 and the child gives an oral narration does not have to be a full summary. If it's difficult, then have them tell you a few things they remember. Read on the AO site about narration. It explains so much. Starting in Year 4, the child can read some things on their own and try a few written narrations. Many children aren't used to these types of books and older language, so they need to ease into it gently.

Also, Year 4 is a huge jump from Year 3 - they even made a "Year 3. Year 3. So it may not be that you picked the wrong Years, its that you went about it the wrong way. Pull up the "site map" page on the AO site and just start reading everything you can below the booklists and schedules. Maybe you can give it another try! Chloe, when my oldest was in Gr. It was just too much work for both my dd and myself. Now we stay with the 4 yr.

I have tried using AO's schedule and it was just too stifling for me. I don't follow schedules very well. We are slow readers anyway so I felt like we would still be getting a relationship from the book as CM talks about. All we do is read through the list for literature and free reads. My dd now reads most on her own. I have her read two or three chapters a day depending on the book.

We have a 4-day week so it usually takes her a month to get through a book. Sometimes, instead of her reading a lit book she will read a natural history book that is on the list or a science book, biography, etc. We are very relaxed in how we do AO. I do have her write out narrations for her reading. This year, though, I have had her write out the main idea for each chapter like WEM suggests. With the youngers, I read all of their book selections as they both have dyslexia. We go slower through these lists. I read their lit. Every one hears these books but I don't see the harm in that.

Holly, because your children are not used to the type of AO suggests, I would read them to your children, if I were you. They may be great readers but in reading books like AO suggests, they are reading words and writing style that they are not used to. So when they read they have to focus on the strange words, the strange style, then they are expected to have to remember what they have read. That is alot to process in the beginning. My kids have used AO from the beginning but I still read the books to them. With my oldest, I read the harder ones like Oliver Twist but she is now able to read the rest on her own.

I would try it again, maybe just going through the lists, rather than following the schedule and read the books to them and talking through their narrations with them a la WTM with asking questions to prompt them. I know this is against CM philosophy but to just get them in the swing of things is not going to hurt, imo. The benefits are enormous. Thank you all for the input. I agree with everything. I think the idea of reading it to them is the way for us to go for a while.

We do love the 4 year chronological history cycle, so it may be that we stick with that, then add in the literature, etc. Definitely food for thought. And it's so much more fun to contemplate NEXT year than to actually finish up this year's work. We did a modified version of year 1 and year 2 this year and I had to do all the reading for my ds. It was hard in the beginning and but he enjoyed it. I'm planning on going with year 3 this year except for history, we pretty much follow everything else and I pick and choose literature selections I know will work for my ds.

I love that almost all the books can be found online, I'm all for free. Like Winnie the Pooh, is uses quite a few nonsense words.

AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections
AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections AmblesideOnline Year 4: Shorter Literature Selections

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