Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan

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Fireside Romance by Drew Hunt gay erotic romance. Colin and Martin by Drew Hunt. Heat Wave by J. Snyder , J. Marie , Tamer Lorika , T.

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Walters , Michael P. Love Wins by J. Thomas , J.

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Snyder Holiday romance. Clinger , J. Walker , Dale Chase , J. How about a whole posse of them? Twelve Hours by Drew Hunt. Afterlife by Drew Hunt gay romance in Heaven. Words: 2, Language: English. Sequel to The Nutcracker. Garth and Tony are determined not to let the Pulse nightclub shootings stop them from marking their month anniversary with the next dish on their A-Z list of pasta dishes. Words: 9, Harry is immediately captivated by the shy man underneath the armour.

Can St. Nicholas deliver a happy Christmas and a good night to both men? Contains romance, poetry, snow, and a can of WD Words: , Five of Drew Hunt's best-selling gay romance stories are together in one box set for the first time! All four novels in Drew Hunt's best-selling gay erotic romance series, Fireside Romance, are now available in one box set!

Fall for Simon and Mark's gentle, cosy, and touching romance set in mid's Yorkshire, England, today! Words: 42, By popular demand, all four of Drew Hunt's best-selling Colin and Martin Christmas stories have been brought together in a single box set. Words: 17, This and other events make Brock wonder if Calvin is about to pop the question. But despite several opportunities, Calvin remains silent.

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Has Brock misread the signals? And where are the hoped for wedding bells? Words: 8, All Aaron wants for Christmas is Ben home safe and sound from a long haul, as well as to hear the words "I love you" from his man's lips. But when the snow starts to fall and Ben is still a day away from home, Aaron's hopes fade.

Will Ben make it home safely? And what's with the gifts under the tree, each with a different hand-drawn image? It promises to be a Christmas neither will soon forget. Words: 7, Ranch hand Bill Webster and his foreman lover Rusty Redfern have been together for 10 years. Lately Rusty has been slowing down. Bill waits and worries while Rusty is in surgery, having a pacemaker fitted, remembering happier times. How does each man adapt to the various changes of pace in their lives and relationship? How about a whole posse of 'em?

Buy the ebooks separately, or get them all in one steamy anthology! Words: 16, Standing on the side of the road, thumb extended and bottle of water empty, Aaron Jones despairs of ever getting a ride. Seeing a cute hitcher on the on ramp, trucker Ben Knight picks him up before the cops do. What happens when they finally reach Newark and the heat between Ben and Aaron rivals that of outside?

Unsettling Images, 1st Edition

Words: 10, Brad Williams agreed to put on his old football uniform and take part in the charity bachelor auction when his boyfriend, Nick Dailey, promised to bid on him. But when the auction starts, Nick is nowhere to be found. Contains scenes of mild BDSM as well as unorthodox uses of soft fruit, chocolate sauce, and baseball bases. On a Christmas vacation to Florida, Nick Dailey is amazed to discover the surprise gift from his best friend is a meeting with defensive lineman Big Bad Brad Williams.

Once the encounter is over, how will they handle their newly-revealed surprise gifts? Words: 52, Jimmy, Jake, and Barry from Cowboy Sandwich are back. But will they be flying home as a threesome, strengthened by their trials, or will the relationship fracture under the strain of incompatibility? Words: 6, As a thank you for upgrading his seat, Phil Wilson asks flight attendant Nigel Grimond on a date.

Phil begs for a second chance, but the excellent food and friendly bar staff will be little consolation if Nigel is stood up again. Words: 76, He also has a job as their ranch cook, a dog, and even a horse. Can Barry remain the filling in his cowboy sandwich, or will miscommunications, rivalries, and a scheming ex pull them apart? Words: 5, Eight-year-old Adam Morgan asks the Santa at the mall for a new boyfriend for his daddy because the last one made daddy cry. Words: 50, The fourth and final volume in this saga sees numerous challenges for Simon and Mark.

Because of his time on the streets, Mark worries about HIV. Can this unconventional family pull together despite all the world has thrown at them? You Rock! Things have been off since Tank went to NYC to discuss a recording contract. Will the end of their car journey also be the end of them as a couple, or has Tank worked out a way to have both a career and William? The fourth and final Colin and Martin Christmas story. When his mum reveals bad news, Colin is torn between family obligation and the future he and Martin have longed for.

Can Martin show him he can have both? Words: 74, Over the summer John grows to love both bear and man. What happens when he discovers they are one and the same? Words: 18, But the next morning Steve walks on by when a couple of jocks hassle Milton. Dressing as Superman, Steve begs for a second chance. Ebooks and Manuals

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Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan
Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan
Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan
Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan
Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan
Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan
Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan Afterlife Book 2: Bretts New Game Plan

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