Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)

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Ein Riesenrad zum Himmelszelt. Es ruft steig ein und flieg mit uns davon. Refrain Silber, hell und klar. Eine andere Welt.

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My head is like a fairyland, there where the stars never fade. I stand and I look spellbound in my sky, it is beautiful. Fairies and elves are real, they peer into my dreams. What I want to make of life, the answer is feeling. One thing counts, that is the moment, to live every second. The clock ticks by silently; now I just want to hear my heartbeat. This was necessary because the Weser was gradually silting up towards its upper reaches, so that the large trading ships could no longer reach the harbour in the old town of Bremen.

It completed the stretch from Dublin to Greenly Island in Canada in around 36 hours and can still be admired today in the Bremen Hall of the local airport. Daimler has built cars here since The 'Goldene Kamera' and several Formula-1 cups have been manufactured here as well. The aircraft manufacturer Airbus develops and produces the high-lift systems for all its craft and equips the wings of the A and A XWB with all vital flight systems here at its second-largest German location. KG is the only company in Europe to produce shellac, a product used worldwide.

From sweets and fruit to medicines — shellac brings shine and durability. Vector Foiltec is the world market leader for building shells made of transparent ETFE foil ethylene-tetrafl uoroethylene. To date, the Bremen company has completed over international projects in the realm of stadium construction, universities, shopping centres etc.. The aerospace company OHB develops top class technology. One in three bottle caps around the world contains a composite material from Bremen.

Bremen as a regional focal point: from the surrounding parts of Lower Saxony, around , workers commute daily into the city. Shipping around two million vehicles yearly, the harbour town is the automotive import and export hub of Europe. Bremen is the cradle of the German cotton trade and has hosted the Bremen cotton exchange for over years. Already from the beginning of the 17th century, the Hanseatic city was importing the raw material.

With more than The or so firms and 20 institutes in the region generate a yearly turnover together of over four billion euros. It offers four berths for large container ships. At Universum Bremen, visitors go on a voyage of discovery in the fields of technology, humans and nature. With its interactive concept, the science centre is one of the most successful science museums in Germany. People from over countries live and learn on the campus of the international Jacobs University. The private institution in Bremen-Nord is supported by the Swiss Jacobs Foundation, which in awarded the Jacobs University with what is so far the highest ever foundation grant for education ever donated in Europe.

The development of innovative light-weight construction materials is key to future mobility and energy efficienc. Decaffeinated coffee is a Bremen discovery. Whether on board the research vessel Polarstern, the aircraft Polar 5 and 6 that fly out of Bremen Airport or on site at Neumayer Station III in the Antarctic, these scientists have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the exploration of the polar regions.

Here in the north, wind and rain are very much at home. Bremen has the highest density of fixed sundials in the country — in total.

Neil Diamond - Both Sides Now lyrics + German translation

Inventors from the Bremen University and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence are six-time world champions in robot football and thus the best team in the world in the so-called Standard Platform League. They won the RoboCup Bremen scientists at the German Aerospace Centre are currently engaged in a pilot project to plant vegetables in a shipping container in the Antarctic — without daylight or soil.

Over the long term, procedures are to be developed by which astronauts on long Mars-missions can be provided with fresh vegetables. In a separate project, tomato seeds are being brought into orbit by research satellite, where they are to grow at an altitude of kilometres. Of the fifteen most populous cities of Germany, Bremen is the third greenest. At first glance, an inconspicuous manhole cover. Every time a coin is dropped in, the sounds of one of the town musicians of Bremen is heard from beneath the earth. In this way, thousands of euros are collected each year for charitable purposes.

As the first establishment in Germany for the care of people with disabilities the 'Werkstatt Bremen' , with almost forty locations across Germany, has the highest number of individual institutions. In total, 2, workers make use of the varied range of services provided by the Werkstatt. The people of Bremen traditionally get involved in their city, thus showing their responsibility for their fellow citizens.

The ever-growing number of charitable foundations confirms this: with over such institutions, the federal state of Bremen has the second-highest density of charitable foundations in the country. Bremen, city of short distances. Amid festive surroundings, a tailor tests whether the Weser is frozen or not. It harks back to the middle ages, when the city had its own peculiar legal principles: for example, three stages of legal recourse, three witnesses needed for evidence to have legal force, three proclamations required for legal validity to be achieved.

The reason is its red and white stripes and the way they break down into squares — lardons, perhaps — next to the flagpole. A curiosity, especially as the newspaper has had its headquarters in Hamburg since its establishment. There you can find the only stadium in Germany that is completely surrounded by a photovoltaic casing and thus produces up to a million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. With this quantity of electricity, around households can be supplied over the same period. In , the tall ship once again found a permanent home port in the Hanseatic city and now welcomes guests as a restaurant ship and boat-hotel for overnight stays and delicious feasts on the Schlachte.

In the USA there are in total eleven cities called Bremen. The Bremer Freimarkt is the fifth season in the Hanseatic city and the largest funfair in northern Germany. Especially in the summer, the metre-long esplanade is very inviting for a stroll, while its beer-gardens and bars are much frequented. This makes the Hanseatic firm the producer of the most-consumed German beer in the world. The first coffee-house in the German-speaking region was in Bremen.

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  • The brown gold was poured here from , even earlier than in Vienna. Today too, Bremen is playing a large part in the sector: the beans in every other cup of coffee drunk in Germany are traded through the Hanseatic city. The cellar of the Bremen Rathaus Ratskeller houses the largest collection worldwide of high-quality German wines — around different vintages. It is a myth that photographers such as Planer remained glum and homesick during their stays in Hollywood, longing for European artistry in the face of American commercial concerns.

    Yet, it is true that Planer and his compatriots missed the tradition of the "Regiesitzung," or preproduction planning meeting, at which director, cinematographer, writers, designers, and even actors would debate the conceptualization of the upcoming film. Hollywood's hyperdepartmentalization defeated this slower, more democratic method, and throughout his career Planer sought other avenues for asserting preproduction input on his assignments, as well as ways of gaining greater-than-usual control over the shoot itself. Hired by Columbia Pictures, Planer, like many of the studio's photographers, was called upon to shoot in all genres, budgets, and even structural formats.

    His first film in the U. Yet even as early as Holiday , a Planer style is in evidence. Utilizing characteristic long or extremely long takes, Planer's camera moves easily through Stephen Goosens's glistening white settings of cavernous ballrooms and apartments with complex floorplans, becoming an intimate part of the drama.

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    • It follows crucial scenes up and down staircases, and comments on the action through exclusionary framing and staging of actors. Planer's camera, as much as Cukor's direction, is responsible for the transformation of Holiday from its theatrical glibness to a sophisticated comedy of class interest. But the opportunity to do Holiday turned out to have been an aberration for Planer at the studio during this period, and his career reached a temporary nadir in with Leave It to Blondie , which restricted him to stock sets, low budgets, and series formula.

      Planer thus seized on his next assignment, The Chase , with its higher budget and flashback structure, to create the first of his film noir set pieces, a pursuit through a Latin American city during carnival time. In the same period, Planer's work began to take on a poetic realist tone, influenced by the readiness of studios to permit increased location shooting.

      Eva Offenthaler, MA MAS

      Beginning with Criss Cross , with its exteriors of the run-down Bunker Hill section of Los Angeles, and running through The Nun's Story , Planer used practical interiors and location shooting for a documentary feel, and eagerly sought out films without "superstar" actors, specifically to avoid being typed as a "glamour cinematographer. Champion and Ocean Drive were both influential arguments in their time for the aesthetics of location shooting.

      This increasingly hard-edged realism, inflected with a growing use of visual irony, is an important component of Planer's work in the s. However, Planer also had opportunities to reformulate an expressionist aesthetic around Hollywood conventions through his work in two fantasy films. Brought in early for the production of The Fingers of Dr.

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      T , Planer brought a unique imagination to this nightmarish fantasy of a nine-year-old boy tyrannized by his piano teacher, from a scenario by Dr. Entirely studio-shot, the film at one time utilized every soundstage on the Columbia lot for its mammoth sets. Planer devised radically new techniques, coloring his sets with light instead of paint, and utilizing experimental lighting instruments for his first film in Technicolor.

      His work on 20, Leagues under the Sea was less spectacular but better integrated into a more standard vision of the fantasy genre. Sacrificing spectacle, using as few of the characteristically awkward Disney mattes as possible, Planer's camera focuses on the interior of the Nautilus, the story's prototype submarine.

      The craft appears cramped and cloistered; spiny-looking cast-iron decks and bulkheads are in view, space is clearly contiguous, and dark colors and grotesque Victorian bric-abrac give the ship a jarring, unsettling appearance. The Caine Mutiny fully naturalizes Planer's colorizing within a realistic genre, using light to give an explicitly ironic tint to several scenes.

      Planer clearly felt comfortable in new formats; from onwards, most of his work was in color, widescreen, or both. Breakfast at Tiffany's shows how efficiently he incorporated colorization into an ironic mode.

      The credit sequences of the film are shot in an unsaturated black-and-white-in-color style, while the interiors of Holly Golightly's and Paul Varjak's Manhattan apartments are done in strange, icy blues and grays, with garish red accents. These sets have an uncomfortable feel to them, accentuated by Planer's complex camera movements in closely defined and contiguous spaces.

      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition) Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)
      Das Riesenrad im Kopf (German Edition)

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