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Unfortunately the VS Sport line is only available online, but you can always order a few, try them on, and then return free shipping for returns from home, or from any store. Thanks for all the great recommendations. Thank you for the tip on sports bras! Amazon can be so confusing sometimes! I have bought so many things that were not what I was expecting but 9 times out of 10 I look back and realize that if I would have stopped to read rather then just get excited and click add to cart I would have known better. I love the tips! I use it too! We love the nike water bottles here too. Is there a way to enjoy his music without that?

Thanks for the heads up on the water bottle. My 7 year old always complains about her water bottle—she hates the pull up top! Thanks for the tips. I have been wanting to try those gap shirts. I also love how colorful all your picks are! I wish I had the money to go out and buy all these things! I do have a VS sports bra and I love it!! I love the iPod Nano. I also love my Victoria Secret Sports Bras.

They are great for my Irish dancing. I actually like to have my phone when I run because it tracks my distance, speed and calories burned while I listen to music. But I only use it to run— all other exercise I find another source of music. Thanks for the ideas! I have found that a good water bottle makes a huge difference, and not just when exercising. I never drink a ton of water at one time, but once I got a good water bottle I could carry it around everywhere and take sips throughout the day.

Want To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Belly Fat? Here's How Walking Can Help You Get In Shape Easily

Looking forward to your other fitness posts! You are an inspiration to me! Your life always sounds exponentially busier than mine, so if you can find time to work out every single day…. I love my blender bottle! And some of your other suggestions. Just downloaded the Nike app. So excited to try it! I am also so excited for the next few weeks! I have a ton of weight to lose and sometimes these stories are the only thing that keeps me motivated!

Thanks for being willing to share! Favorites: My husband found an app that sorts our itunes library by tempo. It has to be to the tempo of the song. This this from Target is amazing!! Can I share a pet peeve? Why do all of these brand not make workout gear for plus size girls?!? It stink that I need to lose 30 pounds or wear the above shapewear just to fit into cute workout gear…okay rant over…thanks for sharing these!

Becky, I hear ya. Nice links! Thanks for the tip though! Great post! Awesome, motivating post!! I was wondering if you have any favorite workout pants that you like best. I started writing about pants and then left it out after it started becoming a bigger topic than I anticipated, haha. Can you please double-check the links on water bottle amazon associate link? Thanks for sharing! Not sure what I ever did without them. I love this post! All of these suggestions are great, I hope I can remember to look here again at that time. Thanks for posting! I would love to check these out, hope you can fix the link!

The search i tried brought up a hundred options! Always looking for great workout gear! I recently bought my first pair of Nike Free shoes and I am in love! I love the Old Navy tanks, I have 2. I have been trying to decide between the body bug and some of the other products out there. I found I like the water bottles with a straw, so much easier for me. Good thing Costco had a 3 pack last month! I have been using My Fitness Pal and love it! My only complaint about it is having to put in recipes. I usually try and do it after the kids are in bed and by that point, I am tired and it is a miracle if I actually get on the elliptical like I swear I am going to.

Those sports bras look great! Thanks for the tip! Thanks for the recommendations. I was really good at working out last Winter and Spring, but throughout the Summer and Fall I fell off the wagon. I soooooo need some motivation to get back on and I think I might just take your advice of getting a new outfit for the gym!

Thank you so much for the recommendations! Do you have a kind of protein powder that you like? I get really stressed out by all the choices! My secret formula is a scoop of ice, a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk 30 cals , a scoop of that chocolate protein powder, and a few pumps of sugar free coconut Torani syrup. I drink a couple of those every single day! Hey Sara….


Can you repost the protein powder link? Thanks sooo much! All these look awesome! Thanks for the post. I used to workout all the time before my two year old was born. Now, most of my exercise is chasing him. Thanks for the inspiration.

I totally agree about cute clothes — makes it way more fun. I have struggled with sports bras for a long time. So glad to know what works for you. I work out at home and would be lost with out my yoga and aerobics DVDs. I found it was easiest to squeeze in a daily walk or jog, though one day I was able to do an hour of yoga. What was the biggest obstacle towards squeezing exercise into your day?

Time seemed to be the biggest obstacle before starting the challenge, but I found that scheduling workouts and making them non-negotiable made it much easier. If you have to find the time, then you just find it. Magically, I realized I have 20 minutes free each day after our morning meeting at work. Sometimes I had to modify my plans by taking a walk while I was on a call, but there was always a solution.

What was the most significant benefit you reaped from regular exercise? My mood overall was better, and I always like feeling fit.

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When I'm exercising, I feel happier and more positive. I also had more energy, so even though exercise takes a little time, I felt I made up for it because it ended up increasing my overall productivity. Which is important when you work and have three kids. While this discussion was happening, Central Washington first baseman Mallory Holtman asked a simple question. She called for shortstop Liz Wallace. When Sara agreed, they hoisted Sara and began to carry her toward second base. The parent with the camera started filming again, and an ESPN moment was born.

Just as Sara was being lowered so she could touch second base, the cheering started. People must have realized they were seeing the rarest of moments, competitors helping a fallen opponent even when helping her would hurt their chances to win the game.

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Journey From 98 to 52 Kg - Sara Ali Khan Diet Plan and Workout

By the time they made their way around third, some people in the crowd were crying. I'll bet many of them were dads. When they lowered her to touch home, Sara said, "Thank you. She broke down crying when she talked about that home run and the kindness of her opponents. Sara was on crutches when the trio appeared on the "Ellen" show.

She was invited on stage by Garth Brooks at a concert in Las Vegas Brooks, a father, was crying when he introduced her.


She got invited to see Bon Jovi perform in Central Park. Not only did they win the ESPY — Sara remembers looking out in the crowd and focusing on Brett Favre — but they also performed in the dance number on stage with Justin Timberlake. Sara said the coach meant that it would send a signal to all future players that there is something bigger — sportsmanship — than the game itself.

In the years after the home run, Sara has flown around the country as a motivational speaker, but she doesn't do that as frequently these days. She still works with values. After more than a year working with the Beaverton police department as an administrative assistant, she now works as an administrator with a healthcare staffing company in Portland. She loves to compete, so she plays on a slow-pitch softball team So did the home run and the media onslaught change her like, as Sue Enquist said, it changed the game of softball? She wanted to think about that answer.

I left the coffee house without getting the answer to the most important question. When I got back to work an email was waiting for me. An email full of wisdom. And if we can pause in moments like those and make choices based integrity and kindness, I think we'd see a lot more good in this world. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC.

Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog
Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog
Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog
Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog
Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog
Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog
Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog
Saras Daily Jog Saras Daily Jog

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