30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2)

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Decisions, decisions. Wise consumer buying starts with a plan. Using a systematic purchasing strategy will provide students with an ability to make more effective purchases. Comparative shopping techniques will be discussed to encourage students to carefully consider price, product attributes, warranties, and store policies. Next, this lesson covers a variety of buying methods, such as buying clubs, shopping by phone, catalogs, online, and door-to-door selling.

However, a person must start to save. This lesson provides students with a basic knowledge of saving and investing.

See a Problem?

The process starts with setting financial goals. Next, a commitment to saving is discussed. The material in this lesson will help students become aware of the warning signs of financial difficulties. This lesson includes information on where to go for debt consolidation help and for nonprofit credit counseling. What you put on an application for a loan, your payment history, where you make purchases, and your account balances are but a few of the financial records that can be sold to third parties and other organizations.

This lesson, with attached budgeting activities, will encourage high school students to take the time and effort to develop their own personal financial goals and spending behaviors. Supplementary Resources. The cost to attend college has soared faster than almost any segment of the economy over the last 30 years. The good news is that are hundreds of online sites offering tips on not just what it will cost, but what you can do to pay for it. So, take a deep breath and check out these sites that should help you find a college you can afford to attend.

Skip to Content. Financial Literacy for High School Students. I want to weigh Y amount. I need to lose Z pounds. It is actually simple! We have the knowledge. Something else is making us fail! There is so much out there about motivation. Motivational quotes, movies, books, speeches. You name it and there is a way to make it motivational. And I love it all. Most of us do. So, why does she in her motivational speech say that motivation is garbage?

We focus our energy on the things that we are good at and keep doing those things. Stop right there. We are so mean to ourselves. In another post, I talk about changing your money script , but I truly believe that changing your script can change your life. Have you ever seen a sports contest where a smaller, seemingly weaker man or woman beat their bigger, stronger opponent? Of course you have. We all have. With your budget or your diet or both! Believe in yourself. You are so much stronger than you think you are. I KNOW this for a fact. So, you have to fake it until you believe it.

Tell yourself how awesome you are at managing money. Say it out loud and say it enough that you begin to believe it. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and fit and strong. Not that you will be. That you are. Because you are. And the more that you believe it, the truer it will become. In another post, I talk about the importance of setting big and scary goals. If the goal is big enough, you can trick your mind into making it happen.

You need to break that big and scary goal into smaller goals. I have a big and scary goal this year to get out of debt completely. We added onto our house last year and spent every penny and more to do so. I also still have some college loans to pay off. So we made our plan. And we broke it down into monthly goals and our monthly goals we broke down into weekly goals. We evaluate how we are doing with our goals each week.

When we need to make an adjustment because life happens, we do. Is it a little uncomfortable? Does it also feel amazing to have a plan and be on our way? You betcha! Okay, so this is the most important part of the whole process. It all comes down to believing in ourselves and tricking our minds. The best way that I have found to make this work is to build in rewards. When I create my monthly goals, I automatically create a reward for when I reach that goal.

For example, in January, my husband and I had a goal of paying off a certain amount on a loan that we had. When we hit that goal, our reward was a movie together as a family in our house. These rewards are so important because they help us to see our achievements and celebrate them. You are negating all the good that you have done. Reward yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. One important note about rewards. But there are so many rewards that we can have that involve spending time with the people we love free!

So, I decided to jumpstart my year and my fitness with Whole It is basically an elimination diet. You eliminate dairy, added sugars, grains, legumes, and alcohol for 30 days. These are the foods, the authors claim, that cause cravings, inflammation, and blood-sugar spikes. So, the idea is that if you eliminate them, you will feel better and reset your body to crave healthier foods.

You also are not allowed to weigh or measure yourself during the Whole30 because you should be paying more attention to how you feel and not what you weigh. It is not touted as a weight loss diet.

Ed Mylett Interview - Get Financially Fit, Upgrade Your Identity, & MAXOUT

Finally, you are not allowed to recreate your favorite foods with Whole30 approved foods. So, making a pizza without cheese and on cauliflower crust is a no-no. I love the idea of only eating whole foods and getting rid of the processed junk in my diet. But what seems to make the most sense to me is eating food as close to its natural state as possible. So, I jumped in. I looked up a ton of Whole30 recipes, bought my fresh veggies and fruit from the market, and went for it.

I knew the first week would be hell. I was cranky and went to bed early for the first several days. By day five, I was lifting out of my sugar fog and feeling more focused at work. But with Whole30 I was hungry most of the time and anxious. What made me feel better was a chart a friend showed me that said the second week is the hardest.

So I pushed along. Week three was a bit better. I also started to feel my clothes fitting just a bit better, which was motivating. The last week was not good! I ate eggs with sweet potatoes for probably 15 meals and was getting negative about the diet. I wanted more variety and hated that I could never eat something on the go.

I did feel better after eliminating sugar and probably flour from my diet. In fact, I am proud of the weight loss and I do see my clothes starting to fit differently. I had really high hopes for the diet. I wanted to feel better, lose weight, re-program my brain to crave healthier foods, etc. I was also hungry a lot. I got downright bitter about the diet toward the end and just wanted it to end. I tried to plan out all of my meals and use the slow cooker in the beginning. But I quickly fell off the wagon on that one and meal planning is so essential to this diet.

What is self-care?

They kept eating their normal foods, which includes a lot of snacking and eating out. I wish I would have created a plan with them before starting so that I would have at least felt more support from them during my journey. You win some and you lose some. Not all diets are meant for everyone. It helped me learn some of my triggers that make me want to dig into all the sweet things! I used potatoes and sweet potatoes as a crutch instead of enjoying all the delicious, healthy foods I was allowed to eat.

So, I will pick myself up and move on to the next thing on my plan. What about you? Have you had a different experience with Whole30?

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I say hogwash how awesome is that word?? You know why? Because we are capable of so much more than we know and while really big goals are scary, they are also so much more exciting. In , I want to be able to complete one unassisted pull-up. Oh, but it is for me. And the pull-up and I have a bit of an ugly history. My first run-in with the pull-up came when I was in 8 th grade. I wanted to play junior varsity softball.

Since I was too young, I had to complete a fitness test in order to be accepted onto the team. And I never wanted to do a pull-up again. Then, in college, I played field hockey and the pull-up reared its ugly head again. As part of our weightlifting routine, we had to do pull-ups. I stared at that stupid bar and memories of 8 th grade came flooding back. Even with the help of a fitness band, I could not pull myself up and needed someone to help lift me up for each pull-up. I hate you, pull-up. So why, a lot of years later, do I care at all about the pull-up?

I know how it is to lose weight and not be healthy or fit. I want to feel fit and be an example for my kids. And I want to prove to myself that not even the pull-up is going to get the best of me. I think a goal is worthless unless you break it down into manageable chunks. I like to create a quarterly plan and then a monthly plan to make sure I am on track. With my pull-up goal, my quarterly plan is to focus first on healthy eating and weight loss and then transition into lifting.

It almost never works to go crazy with your goals in the beginning. You think that you can diet, lift, be superwoman, and then you burn out within a few weeks. So, I decided that for the first quarter in , I will try to lose 15 pounds. In January, I am focusing on my eating. Starting in February, I will add in cardio three days a week, and in March add in weightlifting. For me, rewards are so important to my motivation. When I create my monthly goals, I immediately build in a reward for hitting my goals.

If my goal is a fitness goal, I try not to have my reward be food. It could be getting a pedicure, or planning a fun outing with the family, or treating myself to a good book. But, if you want to hit those big, scary goals, you have to get over that! But, then I saw some friends on Facebook talking about some of their fitness goals for and I decided that I wanted to go all in this year. I started a Facebook group where we can share how we are doing and give each other support. When your goals are big and scary, it is easy to doubt yourself.

I tell myself every morning in the shower that I know I will be able to do a pull-up and I picture lifting myself up to that bar. It makes me smile and want to follow-through with my daily, weekly, and monthly plans. So, now you know my big, scary fitness goal for What are your big, scary goals?? For more information, check out the disclosures. I completely understand. The list is not exhaustive but I tried to put a mix of different styles so there is something for everyone.

Insanity is my all-time favorite workout program. I love how much I sweat with it, how there are a lot of different videos, and how Shaun T. For me, it is perfection. It is a 60 day program. In the first month, the videos range from 25 to 45 minutes.

Lesson #1 – Eliminating sugar is HARD!

Then, in the second month, some of the videos are more than an hour. So, this one does require some time, but you will totally see and feel results! I know, Shaun T. I was tempted to put another one of his programs on here — Asylum — because I love that as well, but I stuck with my top two. But he is that good and the programs are great for men and women, are as difficult as you make them, and this program has adapted movements for beginners or people with limited mobility.

PiYo is great for people looking for a low impact workout program that combines yoga with cardio. I secretly have a strong dislike for all things yoga, but I tried this program when I got pregnant with my second child and I did like it. Chalean Extreme is good for women who want to add a bit of weight lifting to their cardio program. It is by the same woman who does PiYo but it is a bit more intense. It is still completely doable for beginners.

Rushfit is good if you are looking for a bit of a different kind of exercise program. With that said, it worked my body in different ways than the other videos. He incorporates wrestling moves, which made me feel silly, but totally helped! Georges St. But seriously, Billy Blanks knows how to motivate! And I have this secret desire to be a boxer, so it allows me to pretend while still burning calories. Try this one before you knock it! BodyShred is a great cardio workout program.

40 Financial Rules For 40 Year-Olds

Videos are 30 minutes and provide great variety. You always want to be collecting documents that support your tax return preparation instead of waiting until the end-of-year crunch. September: Reassess Your Student Loans Yes, we know that student loans can sometimes feel like an albatross around your neck—but every little bit you put toward that debt can help. Related: The 10 Worst States for Taxes in That gives you a choice, instead of saying you are either paying extra or not paying extra.

At subsequent events, raise that goal by two or three more people as you start to feel more comfortable approaching strangers. November: Try Going All-Cash for the Holidays Does the start of holiday shopping also signal the season of credit card debt? Want to avoid the temptation to charge altogether? December: Learn a Family Money Lesson The holiday season is usually a time of taking in personal history lessons from all generations of loved ones. So why not take advantage of that by asking your fiscally smart relatives for pearls of financial wisdom?

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30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2) 30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2)
30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2) 30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2)
30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2) 30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2)
30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2) 30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2)
30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2) 30 Days to Financial Fitness (Financially Fit Book 2)

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