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William Clemm died on February 8, Richmond] speaks bitterly of Mrs. Clemm, who was like a cat, often, treacherous and cruel. She had a hard side to her nature like many Southern persons, who are, or have been brought up with slaves as servants and associates in childhood. Shew to J.

Ingram, March 28, Clemm was left without any source of income. Among those who sent her small sums were Henry W.

To My Mother by Edgar Allan Poe

Longfellow and Charles Dickens. She claimed that she had burned hundreds of letters written to Poe by various literary women. This photograph, one of the only two known, is from a daguerreotype originally owned by Annie Richmond and sent to John H. Ingram in It was probably taken in Lowell, MA in The second, reprinted in E.

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Shew, now Mrs. Houghton, wrote to Mrs. Clemm spent the winter, and part of the summer of with us, and the winter of , when she went to Lowell again.

Edgar Allan Poe's Family - Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)

On March 30, , Mrs. Whitman wrote to J. She was then visiting Mrs. Charles Richmond in Lowell.

Poe's Childhood

When I next heard from her she was in New York, but returned, I think, the following winter to Lowell. She subsequently passed some time, I think, in the family of Mr. Strong, Milford, Conn. Some years afterward she lived for a time with Mrs. In , Mrs. On May 27, , Mrs.

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  • Poe's Childhood;

I looked among Mrs. In Dec. Clemm in the autumn of that year.

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She says under date Dec. Clemm at the house of Mrs. And Edgar was taken in by the family of John and Frances Allan , a well-to-do Richmond couple unable to have children of their own. He added his foster family's name to his own, becoming Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe's Family

John Allan was a successful merchant, and Edgar grew up fairly comfortably. He was close to his foster mother, Frances, but never with to foster father, who always thought Edgar was a punk, shamefully ungrateful for all the couple did for him. From to , the family lived in England, where young Edgar got a good education at a school outside of London.

In reality, Poe was a good student with a bad gambling problem. Poe ditched both the Allans and Virginia, and headed north to live with relatives in Baltimore.

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