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Additionally, during the opening scene of the season nine finale, Clark finds a gift from his mother containing his Superman suit although the suit is subsequently taken by Jor-El until Clark is ready for it. In the season ten finale of the series he fully adopts the Superman identity, when he takes action to save Earth from Darkseid , who was drawn to Earth by Clark's actions and sought to take the hero as a host. Smallville ' s Kent has also appeared in various literature including comics and over a dozen young adult novels based on the television series.

In the s Superman shorts, Clark is shown to have a wisecracking sense of humor and he and Lois are good friends. At the end of each short Clark commonly gives a smile and a wink to the audience a knowing mannerism which was carried over to the Superman animated series , an example of breaking the fourth wall. In the Superman: The Animated Series of the mid to late s, Clark Kent is shown as a mild-mannered but competent reporter and is shown exposing various criminals through his reporter identity.

In this identity, Clark and Lois are good friends with Lois frequently calling him "Smallville" in a teasing but good-natured way but do not share romantic feelings; instead, it is Superman and Lois who have a romantic relationship. Lana Lang on the other hand knows of Clark's identity as Superman but seems more interested in Clark because she knew him as that first.

He maintains a close friendship with James Olsen and his romantic relationship with Lois Lane is strong, to the chagrin of his former coworker Cat Grant. He is very supportive of his cousin Kara, often staying in touch with her via instant messaging to give her advice.

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In this film, Kal-El is Krypton's first natural birth in centuries, a birth without using Krypton's genesis chamber. Kal-El's ship lands in a small Kansas town. He is raised as the adoptive son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, who name him Clark. As a boy, Clark is a conflicted and lonely person who questions his place and purpose in the world.

At a very young age, he learns of his superhuman abilities such as X-ray vision and superhuman strength, and this discovery frightens him. Jonathan Kent impresses on Clark to keep his abilities a secret and not to use them openly for fear of the consequences. This comes to a head when Clark uses his powers to save his schoolmates from drowning after their bus crashes into a lake. Jonathan is dismayed that Clark would risk exposing himself, and even tells Clark that maybe he should have let the kids die.

Despite being ridiculed throughout his childhood and adolescence, Clark still wants to use his abilities to help others and make a difference in the world. This causes tension between him and Jonathan, who would rather he remain on the farm, believing that a useful endeavor by itself, and live his life in relative safety.

Jonathan carries this conviction even to his death, when he stops Clark from saving him from being killed by a tornado to prevent him revealing his powers to others. After Jonathan's death, an adult Clark spends several years living a nomadic lifestyle, working different jobs under false identities while saving people in secret, as well as struggling to cope with the loss of his adoptive father.

He is now shown to be a confused, slightly angry individual who is forced to show restraint to bring harm to those who try to harm him or others. He eventually infiltrates a U. Clark enters the alien ship and communicates with the preserved consciousness of Jor-El in the form of a hologram. Jor-El reveals Clark's origins and the extinction of his race, and tells Clark that he was sent to Earth to bring hope to mankind.

Lois Lane , a journalist from the Daily Planet sent to write a story on the discovery, sneaks inside the ship while following Clark and is rescued by him when she is injured. After hearing his story, she decides not to reveal his secret. After the discovery of his background and purpose, he is shown to be less confused and a little more joyful, as evidenced by his discussion with his adoptive mother Martha.

By film's end, to create an alias that gives him access to dangerous situations without arousing suspicion, Clark takes a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet and adopts a modernized version of his "mild-mannered" look from the comics. It is worth noting that, as a nod to many comics, Clark is implied to have an interest in football, as evidenced when he is seen watching a game while drinking beer just before Zod's arrival and ultimatum.

Here, his full name is given as Clark Joseph Kent.

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Nearly two years after the events of Man of Steel, Clark and Lois are close in their relationship, but Clark finds himself continually questioning his role as Superman. At the beginning, he rescues Lois from African terrorists when a riot ensues that he is blamed for. When he hears of Batman's actions in Gotham, he decides to investigate against Perry White's orders, believing Batman's methods to be unjust.

Roy Clark, country guitar virtuoso, 'Hee Haw' star, dies at 85

He meets Bruce Wayne at a party hosted by Lex Luthor and grows suspicious when he hears Alfred communicating to Bruce in an earpiece. He later confronts Batman when the vigilante is chasing down Luthor's men who have kryptonite, and orders him to cease his activities. Superman is later summoned by Senator June Finch to the U.

Capitol to discuss his actions, but the room is bombed by Luthor, framing Superman once more. He goes into a self-exile, feeling guilty for not stopping the bombing. Later, he dons the costume once more when Lois is endangered by Lex, and confronts the scientist on the roof. However, Lex reveals he knows all about Clark's true identity and blackmails Superman into fighting Batman by holding Martha hostage.

Superman tries to reason with Batman, revealing that he knows his secrets, but this leads to a fight in which Batman nearly kills Superman with a kryptonite spear. Superman pleads for Batman to "save Martha", which was also the latter's late mother's name, causing him to come to his senses and realize Superman is not a threat.

Upon learning of Luthor's plan, Batman leaves to rescue Martha while Superman confronts Luthor, who unleashes a monstrous artificially-bred creature he dubs as Clark's "Doomsday" made with Kryptonian technology on the crashed ship. Superman is aided by Batman and the mysterious Wonder Woman in confronting the monster, but none of them are able to put the creature down. Knowing it's kryptonian, Clark retrieves the kryptonite spear and impales Doomsday with the object, who in response mortally wounds Clark by stabbing him with one of its claws.

Two separate funerals are held. Metropolis holds a funeral for Superman, but the Kent farm holds a private one for Clark Kent which contains his actual body. Martha gives Lois an engagement ring that Clark planned to give to her. The dirt around Clark's casket briefly levitates indicating he may still be alive.

Batman also had a vision at one point in the movie where he leads a rebellion against the forces of Superman in a dystopian future where Clark kills two hostages with his heat vision before killing Batman while saying "You took her from me. Whether or not Batman's vision comes true remains to be seen. Cavill once again returns as Clark in Justice League.

The world at large has fallen into a state of despair after the death of Superman.

Emilia Clarke boyfriend: Is the Game of Thrones star single? Who has she dated?

Batman and Wonder Woman acknowledge that Superman offered Earth's burgeoning superhero community a beacon of hope to rally around and Steppenwolf , general of Apokolips, thinks that with Superman dead, Earth is vulnerable to an invasion from Apokolips. To prevent Steppenwolf from enslaving mankind, Batman and Wonder Woman form the Justice League in Superman's honor; however, their initial confrontation with Steppenwolf's forces makes them realize they are still woefully unprepared.

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  • Batman proposes a controversial strategy: use the Mother Box and the Kryptonian genesis chamber to resurrect Superman. Despite Wonder Woman's initial reluctance, the heroes go ahead with this plan, which does succeed in resurrecting Superman. However, Superman's memories have not returned, and he attacks the group after Cyborg accidentally launches a projectile at him.

    On the verge of being killed by Superman, Batman enacts his contingency plan: Lois. Superman calms down and leaves with Lane to his family home in Smallville, where he reflects and his memories slowly come back. Superman's presence in the battle proves crucial in the Justice League's victory. With the battle over, Clark resumes his double life. When Thor asks Nick Fury to set up a new alternate identity for him since he cannot turn into Donald Blake anymore, Fury gives him a pair of glasses as a disguise aid, stating, "It always worked for that other guy.

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    Thanks to the glasses, Kent nearly recognizes Thor, but then ironically dismisses the idea. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Clark Kent disambiguation. Further information: Clark Kent Smallville. The Adventures of Superman. Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved December 25, Warner Bros. Archived from the original on February 2, August 14, Superman: Under a Yellow Sun.

    DC Comics. Comic Vine. Bagdonas director March 26, Season 2. Episode Jewish Exponent. He is, of course, beautiful.

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    However, a source close to the Mother of Dragons actress told Page Six the pair were just friends. Their rumoured relationship was said to have fizzled out after just a couple of months. Another famous face who has been linked to Emilia is Australian hunk Jai Courtney, who starred alongside her in Terminator Genisys. A matter of months after rumours emerged, however, he confirmed he was single again. While the two were both attending Princeton University , Cain dated actress Brooke Shields for two years.

    Cain supported Republican candidate Rick Perry for President in the election. But there should be equality of opportunity, not of outcome. I'm not a Republican. I am an independent. I vote for the candidate I like best. Anthony Police Department in St. Anthony, Idaho. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor, producer, and television show host. Not to be confused with Deon Cain. Mount Clemens, Michigan , U. Retrieved March 12, It's a Plane!

    It's a Hunk! Washington Post. June 12, October 29, People Magazine. Retrieved November 17, April 9, The New York Times. Retrieved August 20, Season 7. Episode 4.

    Growing Up With Siblings / 15 Life Hacks! Sibling Rivalry

    The CW. October 19, Retrieved March 3, Live Journal. June 21, Retrieved December 8,

    Super Siblings Clark Wars Super Siblings Clark Wars
    Super Siblings Clark Wars Super Siblings Clark Wars
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    Super Siblings Clark Wars Super Siblings Clark Wars

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