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A few years ago, my year-old father had a stroke that forever altered his daily life. Even though he has a generous, old-economy pension, he now barely breaks even each month, thanks to six figures of annual medical expenses, including hour care at home.

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Often, when my dad needs something, he needs it now. So Amazon Prime has been his lifeline. My dad, a former professor with an impressive library, used to buy only books on the site. Now nearly everything he needs comes from Amazon: physical therapy balls, elevated toilet seats, a better wheelchair than Medicare can cover, cheap tubs of protein powder, even staples like kitty litter and T-shirts.

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My sister Kim faces this irony, too. Last year, just before her 60th birthday, she found out she had breast cancer. The chemo wreaked havoc on her immune system, and she took a seven-month leave from work.

Why A 15-Year-Old Boy Is Fighting To Be Seen As A Hate Crime Victim

Afraid of making her health worse during a historic flu season, she barely left the house and started ordering the most prosaic products on Amazon Prime in bulk: tissues, a fleece jacket, a lemon squeezer, dinner forks, deodorant. Yet for those who still believe that students are children too weak to live with freedom of expression, author Christopher Hitchens offers this challenge:. To whom do you award the right to decide which speech is harmful or who is the harmful speaker?

Or determine in advance what are the harmful consequences going to be, that we know enough about in advance to prevent?


To whom would you give this job? To whom are you going to award the job of being the censor? To whom you would give the job of deciding for you, relieve you of the responsibility of hearing what you might have to hear? Does anyone have a nominee?

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Or hear? Proponents of hate speech bans should not be shocked when the censors they empower enforce perverted conceptions of what qualifies as hate speech. Nor should they feel bewildered when their disempowered voices fall on deaf ears or draw the ire of the speech police. Those calling for a world without hate speech need not look far away or far back to envision the society they seek to create. News Sports Events People Activities. West Side Beat.

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Without Hate Without Hate
Without Hate Without Hate
Without Hate Without Hate
Without Hate Without Hate
Without Hate Without Hate
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