Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)

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This economic narrative fitted together for many of a certain generation with a sense that culture was changing too fast, in ways that were destabilising. So in the past decade since the financial crash, the debate around the EU has had two phases: first the immigration phase, second the Brexit negotiations phase. Infact, migration is probably not in the top ten most important issues when it comes to the major challenges we face in the 21st century.

Advocates argue that these rules prevent politicians from doing favours for their buddies in the private sector, thus discriminating against other companies, whether they be at home or abroad. Land can be bought up not to use productively, but simply to prevent competitors getting hold of it.

Furthermore, if we look at the economy through the lens of climate change, the idea that the state should not intervene strategically to control and direct key aspects of production and investment is positively deranged. Looked at in that way, it is a major problem that state aid rules essentially forbid a Green New Deal, which is all about the state intervening selectively in the economy to overhaul infrastructure, make housing and transport energy efficient and so forth. Lauren Dingsdale, a prospective Labour candidate in Middlesbrough and former lawyer specialising in European Competition Law, has argued on Twitter that this is exactly what the Tories are up to in the case of British Steel, with Business Secretary Greg Clark repeatedly referring to EU state aid rules to down-play his power over the future of the company.

Comment Gratuliere Amy! Und gratuliere Lara! Giv[ing] e lectures at other universities? Help [haying] to harvest hay? Goldammer : I'm afraid if I [ 'll ] do it it will just be an emergency shell once again. Comment Just a quick thank you for the cosy new shell! Lara, warum habe ich 'betreiben' im Kopf? Probably because it is perfectly correct.

Ich finde, man sollte die Anweisungen? Halt die Ohren steif, du schaffst das! Re grillen: Hier liegt noch Schnee und Eis. Heute Nachmittag sahen wir Eisangler und ein Eissegelboot auf dem See. Laut der Wettervorhersage bekommen wir Dienstag wieder Schnee. Go Clones! Comment Klone? Wer sind denn das? Habe ich etwa was verpasst? Ich also.

Will Finance Policies solve the EU “Refugee Crisis”?

Tut mir leid. Wenn nicht die ganze Serie. Toi toi toi. Comment hm , why do you think the German teacher wouldn't travel to Germany with her students?

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She will! And have all the opportunity for media education all along! And I'd also love to learn what "Go Clones! Comment Thanks for the very neatly new house, Dixie, with everything in perfect alphabetical order. Not much to tell. Tomorrow a technician will come around to replace a component of my dishwasher they found out after over 10 years to be potentially combustible. I just hope they'll really send the promised SMS today with a time frame since they were not able to give me even an approximate time when I called last week. But for sure she's not in the mood to hang around at my place the whole day long to wait for that guy coming along either.

Ich reise mit. Sachs: Potentially combustible? Congrats to the Cy clones anyway. Amy, somehow it sounds as Mr MiMi and you are still doing taxes the old-fashioned way - with pen and paper. Maybe there is less discussion involved if you use the online version you know that the cheapest version is for free, don't you? That's at least my conclusion after this year's tax and a very vivid discussion between myself and the program over Form for HSA.

I don't have it; but you should have it; but I don't have it, here, this is all that I have got I was sure there was a term "to hay" I think "Tess of D'" taught me, of all books. Would you need a translator or a scribe? It sounds very interesting and I would like to tag along. I always wanted to see Wisconsin and Kansas Comment Dixie, thanks for the new shell. Did we, or rather some of us, really talk about all the things you mentioned in the summary?

In only posts??? A colleague recently created "to kiev", and surprisingly enough it has nothing to do with the Ukraine. Lara: I'd love to spend some time on Iceland, and to learn the language. I loved Norwegian, and Icelandic is said to be a rather well preserved form of old Norse. My younger sister is going to have her first baby in June. But it is then either the 4th nephew or the third niece on my side of the family, so the excitment is not quite as high in my case.

Somehow it is becoming a routine Comment Lara Chu , 7: Oops! Thanks for the correction. Some of your dreams will come true, as far as I remember. Enjoy your trips! All I remember with regard to Iceland is Vikings, geysers and Bjork. There was no snow in the lower regions. What made me mad was the lack of interest in the beautiful surroundings.

Though the sentence sounds somehow incomplete. On the other hand you once made a good choice when buying a machine that is still working after all those years. Kommt das bei Euch genauso an?

Brave New Europe

Irgendwas mit Eingabehelfer gemacht? STRG Taste? Keine Ahnung Comment Thanks, Walther, for your prompt reply. It just happened here - maybe I touched a button without reckognizing. April weather? We had a heavy snowfall an hour ago, and now the sun is shining again. For the song concerning April showers listen here. Comment Danke Amy.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay German #52 - Niemanden schaden (Lets Play Deutsch)

Goldammer, Welchen Roman von Penny liest du jetzt? Renard, ich war erstaunt, dass du es geschafft hast, etwas blau anzustreichen. Wie erfinderisch!

Transnational lists

I 've got to get used to it…. Ich bin umgeben von Sojabohnenfeldern, Maisfeldern und gelegentilicher Wiesen aufgewachsen. Im mittleren Westen halt. Es mag sein, dass "to hay" regional ist. Man sagt auch cutting hay, baling hay usw. Verleser: I may have had carnage on my mind. Comment But Leo knows "to hay" and so does the M-W Dictionary: heuen Admittedly, I think also "heuen" is very specific and most people would say "Heu machen".

A tiny correction - Heufelder are normally called Wiesen in German. Not Weiden , in general, they are not used for haying But I really like the term Heufelder. Tess is a relatively well-known novel from that period. So, yes I know it and a few others , although it was not my favourite. I still like the writing style from those day. More detail, less rush. Edith: clearly, Amy and I both feel strongly about haying and how it is done.

I was about to say the same you can talk about the separate steps Free tax sw: I think the basic is always free, independent of the income - but if you have a certain income you have other forms you need for investments of any kind, starting with k; IRA and once you need them, you need to upgrade.

Although, I always hated filling in the paper forms and it is easier online as a lot gets added automatically. And I do it in chunks. Starting at the end of the year and then working my way up. It is worth the fee I paid - no page lost and filled in three times. You just have to make sure you don't let the provider of the software "help you to get your money back from the IRS easily" for which they take a massive fee.

Es ist wirklich gut gebaut. Entschuldigung, dass ich erst jetzt schreibe. Das Deutschlager verlief ganz gut. Das Wetter hat auch mitgemacht. Am Freitag, als wir in die Berge nach Big Bear fuhren, war es noch trocken. Nachdem wir da waren, fing es an zu schneien und schneite bis Samstagnachmittag. Wir mussten in der Kapelle fechten, weil der Parkplatz, wo wir normalerweise fechten, ganz voll Schnee war. Letzteres war mein Piratenbuch.

Leider konnte ich keine Exemplare vorzeigen, da das Buch immer noch beim Drucker liegt. Wenn "to hay" ein Regionalismus ist, ist es ein weit verbreiteter. Meine Verwandten im Bundesstaat Missouri sagen auch "to hay". Mein Cousin ist Steuerberater und macht das alles zum Familienpreis. Comment It's all your fault. I got up in order to do an important bit of work before breakfast finishing an au pair interview report before the next applicant is coming later this morning , but if all the transpondian snails are so busy during the night, I have to do correcturitos, don't I?

Nachdem wir da waren Als wir angekommen waren , fing es an zu schneien The problem is that the sentence also makes sense if slightly different without the "aufgewachsen"; it then means "I am surrounded by Agent Nichols is a very fascinating character, I find, very well thought out to create ambiguous feelings in the reader, and she keeps popping up from time to time in that way. I think it is quite common in rural areas. I'd clearly prefer it to "Heu machen", btw.

So, I disagree about Dixie's.. In my "neck of the meadows" the "Heuernte" is also called "Heuet" My favorite Thomas Hardy novel was and will ever be "Far from the madding crowd". Comment Thank you, Dixie, for the new shell and the highlight keywords. If that is correct, I would suggest something like " If not, I am not sure whether I get your meaning. Friday: insertion of the tiles, paperhanging, painting. Monday: Rebuilding the kitchen. A happy ending at last. Up for some corrections? The plans for the living room are finished and the furniture is "in progress", the real work will happen in May.

The room also gets a new painting, so I didn't want to start with the work too early, hoping that the weather will be warm then so the windows can stay open to get rid of the colour smell as quick as possible. So the books, cds etc. The dishwasher is repaired Of course no SMS yesterday, I had to call aigain to be told that I'm on the list for the time between 8 and 12 a.

I don't have to tell you, have I? Just feel a bit or, to be honest, a bit more than just a bit frustrated: Ordering for tickets of the Staatsoper for the coming season started today, and if you're not quick for some performances it's almost impossible to get tickets in particular if you try to get good tickets at acceptable costs.

BUT their website is so overstained that it's impossible to find out any details Lucky Viennese who can use their lunch break to get themselves a printed copy of the new programme to order immediatley This reminds me of David Lodge, whose novel "Small World" starts with the following sentence heavily borrowing from Chaucer, of course : When April with its sweet showers has pierced the drought of March to the root, and bathed every vein of earth with that liquid by whose power the flowers are engendered; when the zephyr, too, with its dulcet breath, has breathed life into the tender new shoots in every copse and on every hearth Only, these days, professional people call them conferences.

Comment :-D. Comment Emil, I assume that students are obliged to speak German and are required not to speak English at the Deutschlager? Ja, so ist es. Carullus, :-p RenaRD, Danke. Wir machten uns Sorgen um das Wetter, aber alles lief prima. Ich bin eigentlich erstaunt, dass die Geschichte so erotisch ist, denn die Empfehlung kam von einer Bekannten, die gesagt hat, sie habe das Buch in der Schule gelesen. Aber vielleicht ist es heutzutage lockerer in den Schulen und bei den derzeitigen Eltern. Auch als boondoggles bekannt. Aber nicht jede Wiese ist dazu da, damit man Heu ernten kann, oder doch?

Oder vielleicht doch in Iowa und Missouri?

Donald Trump vs Kirsten Gillibrand: Kritik an "erbärmlicher Attacke" - SPIEGEL ONLINE

So, I disagree [about] with Dixie's.. The room also gets a new painting Man sagt eher: The room will also be newly painted oder will be repainted oder will get a fresh coat of paint to get rid of the [colour] paint smell as quick ly as possible. I don't have to tell you, [have] do I? Edit: Amy: Go Yoopers! I somehow thought one could write all words in book titles with capital letters, but didn't have to. I know better now. You caught me there with my advanced case of leonitis Interesting link, Amy-MiMi!

Do you know anything about the origin of "yooper"? Is it just a fancy word somebody invented at some point, or does it have any idea behind it? It's not in leo btw - clearly a case for a new entry suggestion, isn't it? Comment I know my niece read "Der Vorleser" in school, but then, that was Germany. I don't think the book is very erotic I actually had to think a bit to understand what you were referring to.

After all, they read Tess of the d'Ubervilles in school, and my teacher in college found sexual innuendo on every page of the book. Regarding meadows - I always found the definitions very vague but I always defined it for myself as "Wiese", but Leo offers both "Wiese" and "Weide". But it is still called feuchte Wiese. Comment U. Comment Ah thanks Amy-MiMi! I'd never have guessed that. Comment Ha! Maybe, they are wrong? Comment Is there a German expression "Heufeld" or rather "Grasfeld"?

Maybe in professional language, but I have never heard it before. Sorry for not offering many corrections at the moment, I myself have had difficulties with speaking proper German recently. Another lovely day here in England, work is getting me away from the computer screen, which is nice. Emil 14 : the style instructions of scientific journals can differ widely, even coming from one publisher of different journals.

Not to be taken for the Holy Grail. If they at least could all agree on a common way references are mentioned By the way, I've been in my new job 3 month at this stage, and I have two colleagues in which my first impressions appear to have been completely wrong. I don't have that very often.

Can you usually trust your snail antennae that your first impressions of people are not a mile off? Comment There is "Grasland" in German, but it is more the opposite of "Ackerland" and not specific to the use of grass. You are very lucky with the weather, all I see at the moment is rain, with relatively low temperatures.

Comment May I refer to an joke of my schooldays? There is no sharp borderline, when it comes to Wiki. Errors accepted. Comment Our version of that was Menepte hoi, nimenepte hoi. Wenneptemen menepte gras. Oder sind sie nur scheinbar griechisch? I imagine a meadow being knee-high grass, flowers, and herbs Genau, RenaRd! So stelle ich mir auch eine meadow vor. Alles ist ganz deutlich beschrieben. Allerdings habe ich bislang nur bis Kapitel 8 gelesen; vielleicht geht die Geschichte nicht auf diese Weise weiter.

Wik: Entpuppten sich die Kollegen denn als bessere oder schlechtere Menschen als du zuerst gedacht hast? Comment After all, they read Tess of the d'Ubervilles in school, and my teacher in college found sexual innuendo on every page of the book. Das war sein Anfangslied. It's just nonsense. It only makes sense if you recognize the "hidden" German sentence. There's also a similar sentence which imitates Latin I bet there are loads of more examples : Cufortis - staleris Can you find the German?

Mind you, it's not a complete sentence, has a crazy word order and isn't a grammatically correct statement Comment Goldammer, the Latin version we learned was Situs vilate in iset ab ernit. Comment destueris thebae terrae sciit. Comment Ups. Bin gerade vom Zahnarzt gekommen. Ich habe einen Zahn gebrochen und musste eine Krone machen lassen, dann ist die Krone abgegangen, und ich musste sie wieder aufsetzen lassen. Ich kann ein bisschen Mitleid mit RenaRd haben.

Actually, he was a student at Harvard, as that well known yet genteel fighting song "Fight Fiercely, Harvard! Fight, fight, fight! Demonstrate to them our skill. Albeit they possess the might, Nonetheless we have the will. He later became a professor at UC Santa Cruz. I still enjoy his music and the clever lyrics, although not much of his work is truly timeless and many political and other references are probably lost on today's audience.

So when you hear maybe only in German? Or do you hear it, too? Emil, if you read this: give us a hint, please. It is from a plate on the Hochzeitshaus in Hameln. The easiest solution is to copy and paste and ask Aunt Google. There is only a single hit, providing all the explanations. Nachdem ich es nachgeschlagen habe, stelle ich fest, dass ich es doch zum Teil richtig hatte. Tom Lehrer war Student an Harvard [N. Tom Lehrer war Student an in Harvard [N. Hopefully, your Eselsbruecke will help me in the future. Comment Guten Tag. Oder habe ich das alles falsch verstanden? Kann auch sein Oder nur irgendwie anders?

Hoffentlich vermiest das dir die ganze Arbeitsstelle nicht. Irgendwie hatte ich dich als Wissenschaftler im Industrie Labor abgestempelt pegged? Does "I studied in Cambridge" mean "I studied at the? University of Cambridge"? Thank you. Das ist alles verwirrend. Sorry, das ist wohl auch etwas verwirrend. Comment I think the German prepositions regarding Harvard were in fact created because of this misunderstanding: that the town is actually not fallend Harvard.

Maybe this is also due to the differing traditions: European universities are totally blended into the town where they are situated. So the faculty of Law is next to the Hospital, the faculty of Science near the Station and the universities. That is why you may say "I studied in Heidelberg" and mean "I studied at the University in Heidelberg".

Obviously, the campus university in the US is a different concept. But this did not occur to everybody right away on this side of the Atlantic, so wie just applied the same preposition to Harvard and Stanford. Comment Well, hm - it is confusing. B - When it comes to "Hometowns" it starts getting difficult. When you studied there, you only say "in" name of the town. B2 - Some universities are quite new, often specialized on "technical" matters.

Nicht fallend. Bist du hier im CC eigentlich neu, oder nur umbenannt, oder nur aufs Durchposten? Willkommen auf jeden Fall. Aber das war wohl dein Witz? Oder habe ich noch etwas verpasst? Sorry for not saying Hello first, but wiriting on the Ip.. My nick is a wordplay with "die Qual der Wa h l". Sie helfen viel. Let's see. To be honest, I haven't given this much thought until now, it's just one of the thing you do automatically Also: in Yale, in Princeton, an der Columbia University.

Confused yet? I know I am. Princeton aber in Glaube ich wenigstens. Und danke, Robert; dass Lehrer unterrichten und Professoren lehren, werde ich versuchen mir zu merken. Oder waren die zwei so sehr mit Osten und Westen respektiv verbunden, dass man automatisch einfach wusste, auch wenn jemand nur sagte: 'in Berlin'? Comment I know Herdecke! I think I knew that, somehow, but I never really thought about it, and part of me did think of it as a town. I feel confused. I was wondering today what happens to young males in animal herdes which are dominated by an alpha wolf or elephant or whatever.

They can't all go and start their own pack, can they? But they also can't all become rogues. Do the other males just stay but never get to mate? Sounds frustrating. And exhausting for the poor alpha guy to keep them all in check. I could google, of course, but I like asking you Does anybody happen to know? Comment People always just say "ich habe in xx studiert" and if anyone wants to know it more precisely, they have to ask : I was never aware of the odd prepositions for a few, as it only works with the really well-known ones US universities.

Fun story - I was never really aware that Stanford was in Palo Alto. I knew it was in Northern California, but never had given much thought tothe exact location. Until I had to go to P-A one day and while looking for the place I had to go to I was suddenly passing by the campus. But hm-us, I did know that Berkeley was in Berkeley. Honestly : All the Tess talk encouraged me to download the book thank you, Mr Gutenberg and once I got around to put it on my ereader I will give it another try.

Edith: I know Witten, too. I know Herdecke from the traffic news, and I am quite sure I saw it somewhere along the Autobahn as an exit I think they stay and are "underlings" of the alpha. And, as far as I know, they can mate, but don't get first choice.

But I am sure WK would be better to explain. Basically, it is the same as in human life. Until then you have to keep the competition in check. Comment Die Adresse von der? Beat Cal. Na ja. Comment So I quickly introduce myself: shoesize 40 they are somehow growing when you are getting older , just managed to turn off the autocorrect on my German Ipad - what a relief!

It is so exciting, I think! Comment Thank you, Dixie and hm. I found something called 'Nature: Cloud - Challenge of the stallions' that looks promising, but I can't click on the link because Mr Gibson is marking essays and needs peace and quiet ;-. I'll check it when he's safely out of the house. Comment Wow, what a snail race today. I have to skip most of it, just don't have the time to read it all in detail Just wanted to say hello to Qual! Nice to meet you! Comment Ich stelle fest, dass ich als Kind augenscheinlich zu viele britische Autoren gelesen habe.

Seit wann schreibt man "skeptical"? Jetzt interessiert's mich, wie die anderen ENS das Wort schreiben.

Crossover Chat 316

Der Drucker schrieb, dass sie am Dienstag abgesandt wurden. Am vorletzten Wochenende habe ich bei der Konferenz ein paar vorverkauft. Wenn sie ankommen, muss ich sie weiter schicken. Qual, herzlich willkommen von mir auch. Comment Willkommen im CC, Qual. Robert: ich habe schon immer "skeptical" geschrieben, und ich glaube, es war hier im CC als ich erfahren habe, dass "sceptical" die britische Variante ist, als ich jemanden korrigieren wollte.

Dass "an Uni-Name-Hier" nur mit Artikel geht, ist mir neu. LEO bildet. Comment Ich verkaufe gern Exemplare des Buches. Wenn jemand eins kaufen will, bitte schick mir eine Mitteilung. Lara, es scheint, dass ich als Kind wirklich viel britische Literatur lies. In this case "Buch" stands synonymously for "Geschichte" Comment Hm--us, you asked about the universities in Berlin. You could still just say "Ich habe in Berlin studiert. Comment Oh great, I finally had time and opportunity to click on the pbs link, and what do I get?

I was looking forward to watching wild horses sorting out who's boss. Comment RenaRd : No, I wouldn't. I find it a bit difficult to explain why not. Let me try. Comment In diesem Beitrag geht es um ein Erdbeben. Dann war es vorbei. Das Epizentrum war etwa 15 Meilen weg. Sie wohnt vielleicht 6 Meilen vom Epizenttrum. Comment Wow, Robert , how scary!

Did everybody remain calm? I recently read an article that the Californians are sort of expecting a very major earthquake in the near future - weren't people including you afraid this could be it? Comment Goldammer , Well. I think so. I remember recall? Nobody over here talks about it anymore, but what about you? Comment Na, wenn das Robert nicht aufmuntert Das muss beunruhigend gewesen sein. Aber 'rocked the house' ist auch gut. I listened to a radio play earlier which was set in Russia and Chechnya the spelling of which I had to look up, all my three tries looked wrong , and all the characters had a Eastern European accent.

Not strong, but noticable. I imagine that this is done to create a better image for the listener, but I find it very irritating. The people do not, of course, speak accented English with each other but flawless Russian, so why can't they just speak English in the translation? What do you think? Does it help you to imagine the setting?

Ben Wray: State Aid – Not Immigration – Is the Debate About the EU We Should Have Had

Do you think it's a good idea or a bad one? Edit: Found it - related discussion: the lost Honour of Katharina Blum. Comment Akzente? Der Amerikaner ist aber kein richtiger Amerikaner, sondern ein Mann aus den Niederlanden. Wir sind nicht soooo selten. On the other had there was a crumbling edifice of state socialism that has not produced a single new idea since , defended by dreary bureaucrats in fedora hats wearing light grey socks and shoes.

Only the Third World offered some hope, novelty or excitement. We know that these things ended mostly badly; but they did not look like in the late s or early s. This stalemate between two decrepit ideologies ended with the victory of liberal capitalism. And that ushered the most ideologically deadening period of all. Like in Soviet regimes, all contradictions were supposedly solved; once for ever. There were no new questions, and answers to all previous questions were provided.

The whole world was just hurrying to become another Denmark where nothing of interest would ever happen. But that stultifying intellectual world was exploded by the crisis, the rise of political Islam, and the rise of China. It exploded because it was i unable to address real issues and contradictions and supplied only ready-made formulaic bromides, and ii it wrongly assumed that people desire to be free of ideological choices.

In other words, it is not only unlikely that the world will ever become Denmark the Middle East has been in turmoil for the past 4, years and is likely to be so in the next , but the world does not want to live in a society devoid of major ideological choices, cleavages and battles. Now, the exciting times are back again. It is especially exciting for the young people because the richness of ideological choices they have before them is immense: liberalism, new socialism, nationalism, political Islam, Chinese political capitalism, probably more.

During the Cold War, the offer was reduced to two, rather bland, types.

Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition) Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)
Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition) Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)
Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition) Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)
Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition) Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)
Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition) Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)
Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition) Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)
Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition) Ich werde niemanden verurteilen ! (German Edition)

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