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As you say, successful practitioners of this method are a pleasure in interaction. I have found this to be helpful in individuals with transient grief reaction, episodic stress, and anxiety as well. Right on the mark. Even HR departments like ours encourage these practices just as a way to foster positive well-being of our employees. A little Yoga goes a looong way in supporting emotional health.

This is interesting for dealing with depression and high anxiety. Meditation makes you focus on your work present work, whatever work it is. Forget about past, regrets of past and everything. Everyone suffers with Stress at some point of time and it was unavoidable for many of the people. Meditation has been used for many years and it was very helpful in reducing stress, anxiety. Mindful meditation will relaxes your mind and body brings to a peaceful,calm state. I discovered meditation while I lived in India. It has become a great tool for me to relax and focus on the important things in life.

Great post. I think your mom would know about the actual benefit of mindful meditation. Meditation gives you freshness, the freshness of the present and makes you forget about the bad incidents of past. Meditation is the best stress buster. A 20 minute meditation mindful releases all your stress up to that minute. A very informative and interesting article in the way that it not only tries to help us to know the importance of meditation but also tries to emphasise on how it helps us to have a better control on our breating as well.

Mindful Meditation can be wonderfully calming, anytime when the daily grind is getting on top of you. Just ten to twenty minutes can leave one feeling invigorated and serene. It can also help build positive emotions which are linked to better health, longer life, and greater well-being. Giving yourself a wonderful yet simple treat or something to look forward to at the end of the day helps as well! Your Mom knows what she is saying. Learning from our parents and seniors and acknowledging their accomplishment at survival, internalizing their triumph amidst loss and challenges can help us younger not so younger ones a lot.

We need to maintain our roots! As i was thinking.. Great Info. It would be more cost effective to refer people interested to a spiritual counselor or guide. I took the time to thank several officers including a PC who took the time to have a conversation with me on the day, Sadly I cannot remember his collar number. As I feel that the public are very quick to criticise and slow to praise, please accept my gratitude for the support of each and everyone of the officers on duty. These events could not go ahead without your support.

Can you please express my appreciation to everybody who was involved in this incident. Particularly the operator and the two officers who attended my daughters house. Fortunately a good outcome and, as her father, I really appreciate the effort of everybody concerned and would be grateful if you could pass on my personal thanks. A PC and colleague assisted us after a road traffic accident, we would like to thank them very much for their care, attention. Thank you for the way you handle the situation with care and compassion.

I have just watched an episode of Police Bodycams on 4 Music Channel. A WPC had attended a call and unrelated to the call she found that the householder had no electricity on one of the coldest nights. During the course of her enquiries she nipped out to a shop and topped the man's electric card from her own pocket. Can I just say, she and all you guys are heroes and we in Britain are lucky to have you all. Best wishes to all on the Force and keep up the good work. The policing of the Notts County v Luton football match yesterday was excellent. Your officers were friendly; they smiled and said "hello" to us which was very much appreciated.

I travel all over to support my beloved Luton Town F. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated. On 23 April these officers visited me and sat and spoke to me during a very difficult time after receiving a notification from my brother that I may be in jeopardy. They showed great patience and empathy and I and my brother are very grateful for this. I feel that went beyond the normal call of duty and consider them a credit to the Notts Police force. I thank them for their patience and understanding and wish them well for the future.

My housemates and I would like to say thank you to the lady police officer who came to our house on Saturday morning to assist with a domestic disturbance. Your cool, calm and collected manner was greatly appreciated and your professionalism did not go unnoticed! The officer helped me to find my mobile phone that someone had stolen from Nottingham Forest Park and hid it in another park.

Many thanks to the officer and I appreciate all the help you gave me. Also, thank you to all the officers at Oxclose Station Lane. Last night we had a problem with The Stage Hotel and i would like to say thank you to the two police officers who attended and helped us in finding alternative accommodation. Without their help we would have been stuck, they were both invaluable to us and so thanks very much, we really appreciate the help.

He was really friendly and put me at ease, and I really appreciated it!! He called at our home to take details of the incident. My wife was extremely upset with recent events and the officer dealt with the matter in a sympathetic and humane manner. This was to detract from the fact he had only come to see my wife and thereby avoid any embarrassment to her. Thank you PC for the way you dealt with my wife. You showed a level of understanding and sympathy that my wife needed.

She realises that she had acted stupidly and you could have been harder on her but you took the time to understand her recent problems and acted accordingly. Your actions have confirmed to me what I have always believed, that we have the best police force in the world and this country would be in a sorry state without the police to protect us.

PC and his partner attended the scene of my accident yesterday on the Newark round-a-about on the A They were there straight away and removed my car out of danger, and reassured my friend and I. I was really impressed by the way they dealt with everything and am so grateful they were there.

Many thanks for your assistance and kindness. You do a brilliant job. Many thanks. When walking home I noticed two police officers playing football with some kids on Arkwright park field. I found a man's wallet and although it was not an emergency, whoever I spoke to helped find the man and reunite him with his ID, personal bank cards and business bank cards. Thank you so much :. I think you do a fantastic job, very varied, very random and extremely difficult at times. I was watching day time tv and a lady was promoting her book about supporting domestic violence.

One of her comments was how much help you got from the local police force depended on your area. I did not realise this, I assumed it was a national way of dealing with it. I want to say a huge thank you as you have helped me to help my husband who has been to counselling and is a far better person and thus would not have been achieved if I did not have the backing of Nottinghamshire Police who take the issue in hand.

Thank you x you have helped me quite a few tines with this matter xx. We were stranded on the A1 for almost three hours. We could not stop to thank the officers involved, but I have told many people how brilliant they were. I hope their contribution can be recognised. They did a great job. Thanks for making a difference and being so professional in handling a very difficult situation.

Just wanted to say thank you to a lovely Officer that stopped for me when my car broke down on University Boulevard earlier on tonight. He was so nice and made sure I was safe and was very helpful and friendly. What a credit to the police force this lady sergent help us get safely off the A1 hard shoulder on Saturday night at ish. The officer went out her way to be extra helpful"". I was involved in an road accident on J25 M1 Southbound. A lorry drifted from lane 1 clipped me in lane 2, spun me and pushed me about m down the motorway.

The whole team were so professional and helpful and took control of the whole situation - I was in shock and could barely remember my name. Special thanks to PC who was only on her 2nd shift and did a brilliant job of driving my unfamiliar car that was manual not the automatic she usually drives off the motorway and to safety.

Many thanks from myself and my whole family. Keep up the great work, you are valued and appreciated. I wrote a letter of complaint to the police back in September , as I didn't believe the offence against my son was taking seriously. However, action was taken afterwards, and PC Porter did a great job and the supposed carer was found guilty of assault by beating. Thanks to the professionalism and commitment of PC Porter vulnerable adults are safer. On 23rd January mid morning, I called to report a suspicious van and occupants knocking on doors and opening gates, the police car arrived whilst I was still on the phone and I was extremely pleased as it had made me very nervous, the operator was brilliant and to see the police car within minutes was a huge assurance that a great job is being done by these officers to keep us safe.

Whist attending as an away fan to match on Saturday I slipped fell and bumped my head at half time - causing some bluefing -I was a little drunk. Two of your officers came over my initial thought been I was in trouble for been drunk I couldn't have been more wrong, sorry, they treat me with a dignity I maybe did not deserve and organised medical care to clean wound and to stem bleeding.

It was much appreciated, I'm sorry I can't remember their names, all I can remember is that they were both youngish a white taller officer and a black shorter officer both male. On the afternoon of 25th January , my daughter and two granddaughters were involved in a road traffic accident near McDonald's, Bulwell, Nottingham.

It was quite an impact and my two little granddaughters were understandably upset, one of them hurt, but not badly, thank goodness. A fire officer stopped to help and phoned for the police and ambulance, who arrived quickly to deal with the situation. There weren't any major injuries but obviously it was quite a shock and upsetting for everyone involved.

We dont know the officers names but my daughter said they were amazing, especially with the children, calming them, getting them something to eat and distracting them with a cartoon on the phone whilst dealing with the formalities. I think they went over and above their duties and I am truly grateful to them and the fire officer who stopped to help. Their professionalism and most of all their kindness really should be commended. I rang not expecting much and was told to speak to a specially trained officer and I was offered an officer to come to my home that evening.

I chose to go to the police station where the PC reassured me and calmly took my statement. The policework which took place since then catching the man, arresting him, collecting evidence was all really good and I've been regularly updated since. It's not over yet but Nottinghamshire police have truly been wonderful and so kind. Please tell the officers invloved in my case that I am really grateful for all their help and consideration. Thank you to the two officers for your help and continued support who responded quickly following a burglary at our home.

I didn't expect what might be seen as a minor crime to receive such a high level of attention. Your support and advice is very much appreciated. The officer who played piano for elderly gentleman should be given an award, he showed very very clearly that the Police do a wonderful, hard job keeping us safe as possible and are human too. Well done officer you should be immensely proud of your actions, a hero in a small way. I'd like to say Thank You to the officer who played the Chopin Nocturne for the year-old burglary victim Dear officer, you earned a star the day you played the Chopin Nocturne, a piece beloved by the elderly gentleman who had been robbed.

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What an example of sensitivity and compassion. Now, if we could just clone you a billion times over! Officers followed up incident where a window was broken at my property, both were very thorough and tenacious. They were also clear about the outcomes possible and how they wished to proceed with my consent.

In an age when I feel Policing is a very difficult career for very little reward financially or otherwise I found these two individuals to go far and beyond what could be expected of them. The powers that be within the Police including the Commissioner should be giving them much more credit and resources, they are an invaluable resource which needs supporting. In the last 12 months, Notts police have been involved in supporting 2 people I've known who were suffering ill mental health.

In both instances, the officers were efficient, supportive and incredibly pro-active in making sure the persons were located and offered the right assessment and support. Thank you, Notts Police, for keeping our citizens safe from harm and for being a reliable source of help when it's most needed. Having experienced an unpleasant incident in the Nuttall area yesterday afternoon, called and spoke with a Control Room operator.

She was so kind, calm, helpful, thorough and did everything possible to assist. I fully appreciate her efforts and Nottingham Police should be thrilled to have such a courteous ambassador on the end of the phone. Just wanted to 'thank you so much'. Seldom in today's society do people take the time to be kind and helpful.

I know this is your job, but to hear a friendly voice on the end of the phone was appreciated more than you could ever know. I woke up this morning feeling happy and that is because of the help that PC Darren White gave me with my nuisance neighbours in Nottingham - he helped restore my life and give me peace of mind. You have a hard job but you were so kind and understanding I'd like to thank you again.

PC White has been always there to support me through this process and has taken the time to regularly call and text to gather evidence and keep me updated which resulted in my neighbour being evicted at court. This has helped me and the other neighbours who were too afraid to speak up get our street back to normality. He treated me as a witness in confidence and gave me the utmost trust in his support and knowledge of how to help me.

Thank you x. We had a lovely night but unfortunately had run out of cash and Uber didn't seem to be working. Having lived in the area for 20 years before moving to London I rather foolishly although hopefully sensibly decided we could walk home rather than drive back even though I had only had a couple of drinks earlier in the afternoon. We started walking and it was a beautiful clear night so were enjoying the lovely stars that I miss since living in the smoke and completely lost track of the time and how far we had to walk.

Just as this was dawning us 2 very nice police offices on regular patrol spotted us and checked to see we were OK. Unfortunately I didn't get their details but I would like to say thank you to them and all Police Officers for their brilliant work. At this time of year you must be so busy keeping everyone safe from harm so I really do appreciate them picking up a couple of old fools like us. I would like you to pass on my appreciation for the sensitive and thorough manner in which the PC and his colleague dealt with the break-in at my daughter's property.

They were very supportive. Thank you very much for your prompt response and invaluable assistance in helping me and my family with this break-in. I wish you all the best in your career in the Police force to which you are a credit. The PCSO helped my son who has learning difficulties in Mansfield town centre on Saturday evening after he was called racist names and brought him home so he was safe. I'd just like to say what a fantastic job they all do, nothing ever too much trouble.

We cannot thank you all enough, wanted to express our gratitude and hope that this message reaches you. I would like to say a massive thank you to the police lady who comforted my 13 year old daughter And offered her a lift home after she witnessed the back end of an incident in Nottingham city centre and became distressed. This was at the 77 Stop near Victoria centre. Huge, huge thank you. My daughter now knows she can trust police to help if she needs it.

The officers who attended the incident were incredibly professional, thorough and avoided showing frustration whilst being given contradictory information. This ensured that a potentially hysterical situation involving missing children remained calm and under control. As neighbours, this made our lives a lot easier and assured us that the situation was being dealt with in the best manner possible.

Just want to thank all your excellent officers that turned up to my house tonight and spoke to my daughter on the phone while the officers where on their way, who was frightened as she thought there were intruders in our house. She rang me at work very distressed and the quick response by officers is to be commended.

Greatly appreciated. Myself and my crew mate who work for the ambulance service and would like to say a massive thank you to PC Richardson and her colleague for assisting us on a job on the 29th of November The job was a mental health transfer to Bassetlaw both of your officers were an absolute credit to the police force and we would like to pass on our gratitude for their assistance during and throughout the job. In the aftermath of a robbery at our home, they all in their different ways helped with the investigation, professionally and sympathetically.

I was impressed at the effort put in to the investigation, beyond what I expected, even though the search is likely to prove unsuccessful. Credit no doubt also due to those who have trained them - all handled very tactfully. Thank you all for the professionalism and sympathy which you consistently displayed; it was very much appreciated. Myself and my crew mate who work for the ambulance service and would like to say a massive thank you to PC Richardson and her colleague for assisting us on a job on the 29th of November the job was a mental health transfer to Bassetlaw. Both of your officers were an absolute credit to the police force and we would like to pass on our gratitude for their assistance during and throughout the job.

PCSO Oram and her colleagues came down to the Forest Rec on Sunday morning to do some patrols and stayed to support our inaugural junior parkrun that morning. The children absolutely loved having a police car and police officers there and really enjoyed exploring the police car and talking to the officers. The team even joined in with our warm up event and helped to make the morning really special. I had a mental breakdown and tried to jump off Victoria Centre bridge. Officer Giddy helped me and was lovely.

Sergeant Wilson dealt with a complaint that I was making. My initial contact to the police was regarding a difficult topic and Sergeant Wilson was sensitive and empathetic. She took time to listen and to respond and to deal with the matter. Sergeant Wilson was very genuine and made me feel that the matter I had originally rung about was important, whereas the officers who should have dealt with it did not. Thank you for helping me with a difficult situation and genuinely caring about what the outcome was.

Paul is an amazing officer, pro active, informative and always goes the extra mile. I reported an assault by my ex-partner and was worried to do so but he made me feel at ease, was sympathetic and keep me informed of what was going on. Plus on arrest my ex admitted what he had done - I feel safer knowing there are officers like Paul around. An elderly relation of my husband's was reported missing by a friend when she couldn't get hold of her on the phone.

Again, he was helpful and kind. In the dark, it can't have been easy for any of them. They rang my phone provider to set up a new phone for me, they got in touch with my family for spare house and car keys and to pick me up and then escorted me to the tram. Since then they have rung me concerning the case and provided me with a crime number. I am very grateful for all they have done for me.

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While escorting a distressed child at QMC to theatre, the officer happily agreed to say hello to him as the child loves the police. He made a special effort to show him his handcuffs and our patient didn't stop talking about it all the way to the anaesthetic room He was so excited and his mum said that he will never forget it as he loves the police. Thank you for making him smile and for showing him your real handcuffs at such a worrying time for him.

You really cheered him up! We were in a road collision, the officer was very supportive and reassuring throughout, making sure that we were okay. Thank you I have submitted a previous thank you, the officer I presume was on patrol and noticed a window slightly open and he knocked on the door, got me out of bed an told why he'd woken me up. I keep seeing all the hate thrown your way on social media, but I just want to say we do appreciate you and keep doing the good work you all do.

I tried to get help and employed 2 solicitors, she had no intention of leaving and she was obviously suffering from severe mental health issues. I returned to resolve this and stayed in the house for 4 days with her. Her 71 year old mum also tried desperately to get her to leave, she had also paid no rent for months. Several officers and 2 sergeants became involved. He saw straight through her lies and after 50 minutes, persuaded her to get in the back of the ambulance for help!!

This lady officer went the extra mile to retrieve some vital information for a cafcass case, which the cafcass officer had been unable to obtain. She was a shining example of great customer service and contacted me several times, eventually finding the information that may be so important to the court case.

They helped us find our son last night who went missing for 4 hours when he did not return from school. They did such a good job in there line of work, once again thank you! They were very helpful as I was upset, confused and at first felt let down by the law, but they reassured me that something can be done by issuing them with a Police Caution. Thank you for helping and understanding after the uncalled for behaviour by our one time friends and neighbours.

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I would like to say thank you! I am not from Nottingham and felt reassured from the time the officer attended the RTA, he is a credit to the police please thank him for me! I felt insecure and intimidated by the other driver and the officer he would not leave my side once again, thank you. I was arrested during a mental health episode amplified by excessive alcohol, of which I don't remember much. Despite my unbounded aggression and volatility the officers were very understanding and respectful the following morning - the first instance I have experienced this with Nottingham Police.

You're decency does more to affect change and help a person in dire mental health than you might know. I, for example, do not want to live with such residual anger seething below a thin service - bursting out as it did and making me an ugly human being to deal with. In my only 2 previous episodes the officers were not as human about it and saw through only their own prejudices. As insignificant as my opinion may be, I think you, all the officers involved, deserve recognition for being able to treat an offender with dignity as you did.

I would like to pass on my thanks and gratitude to the female officer who came and helped with my wheelchair and wheelchair loader today. I would like to pass on my thanks and gratitude to the female officer who came and helped with my wheelchair and wheelchair loader. Rang after a call from my son at 1. He rarely drinks but got himself in a very distressed state telling me his bed was covered in blood.

The control room advised they would ask an officer to check on him. I received a call 15 minutes later to advise all was well, he was drunk but he had been sick on his bed through red wine and no signs of blood. The officer stripped his bed and left him safe to sleep.

Being 2 hours away we were very relieved parents and wish to pass our thanks to both the control room and the officer who attended. I felt reassured and believed by him which helped me move forward. His continual contact and updates about speaking to my husband helped me manage my situation much better.

We will never forget. I have to admit it was a huge honour to have my picture was taken with him as Sikh officers are such a rarity but as a minority group myself being black it was nice to see his representation in the community. I just wanted to say what a credit these officers were to the force. To see them interacting so warmly with those waiting for the race to pass through was heart warming. Sounding their sirens and high fiving with the children lining the route whilst they waited just added to the general excitement.

What an excellent way to build great relationships with the next generation. Well done all of you. My neighbour called the police as he saw 3 people trying to break in my window thank god for him! I didn't get their names but am extremely grateful for their quick response and calm and professional approach, thank you. On July 9th I was sexually assaulted in Nottingham city centre, I was dealt with by sergeant and a lady officer I'd like to thank them both for comforting me, supporting me and making me feel so safe in my time of vulnerability and discomfort.

Sergeant assisted us on the way to the police station and got me and my friend drinks, made sure we weren't waiting long even though it was 1am and kept us updated. Officer was so supportive and helpful when taking my statement, she was so patient and kind whilst still doing a very important and proffesional job. I had a very traumatic night but thanks to the overwhelming support from the officers I was able to get home feeling safe and reassured that everything was going to be ok.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to these two officers in particular, but a general thank you for Nottinghamshire police, I thank you so much for your time and admire your job! My daughter and I were involved in a car accident near Ravenshead. The two police officers that arrived I didn't get the collar number of the other one i'm afraid were such a great help to us, that I felt compelled to write and say thank you.

My daughter age 7 was very distressed, but the officer was very kind and calm, and she soon felt much better. They were both very helpful in sorting out the situation, even though the weather was pretty grim, and they both got soaked. PC rang later that day to check up on us both. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage shortly after the accident, and so felt unable to write until now, but I feel that the police don't get thanked often enough, and I wanted to convey my gratitude to both officers. I appreciate the two PCSO's that came to my house this evening, very professional, understanding and genuine caring people.

My daughter and her friends have been playing football on the street and streets near me. They came to have a word with her which i am totally grateful for. I warned her about certain children she is hanging around because to be honest have little respect and regards for others.

My daughter does not go to a school in the area we live in so she wants to be part of the crowd on this estate. I have on a numerous occasions told her that some of her friends do not have the respect for others, but she thinks i am being mean. So hand on heart i really do appreciate what they did tonight and she will listen from now on, a massive thank you. She is deeply sorry for any upset she has caused. A child went missing from Collingham Cricket Club, mother and father were frantic.

Response from the police was brilliant Community, club and police working together. This guy was brilliant, kept me calm under difficult circumstances, gave me good advice and sorted the situation, he is a STAR, bless him x. This guy was so understanding and appreciated the situation without showing any bias, his advice was excellent and he sorted my issues with calmness and reassurance. He alone has restored my confidence in the police authorities. Our daughter who lived in Nottingham passed away on the 12th June and we were contacted by Chris who had the unpleasant task of breaking the news to us.

His kindness, compassion and friendship will never be forgotten. He was in constant contact with us via email and telephone up until we met with him after our daughters funeral at which time we could thank him personally and collect our daughters personal effects. We have since received emails and phone calls from him and cannot put across strongly enough what an absolute gentleman the Nottinghamshire Police Force have in Chris Adams DC Chris it was an honour and a privilege to meet you albeit under such dreadful circumstances.

Your family and the Police Force are extremely lucky to have a man with such kindness and integrity in their lives. On the 26th May a bank holiday Friday at about 8pm 2 of your police officers came out to us on the A46 duel carriageway near Newark heading back to Leicester. I think 1 of the officers name was pc yates. We had broken down and was waiting for the AA to come out with a relay truck. We had a 15mth old baby and a 12yr boy and 3 adults one of the adults as bipolar disorder with us.

They helped to calm us all down as we was are very scared and worried with the busy traffic offered to take myself mum and the 2 children home back to Leicester so we wasn't waiting at the side of the busy duel carriageway. We can not thank them both enough for all the help they gave us that night. Just as we were putting the car seat in there police car the AA truck came so they didn't have to take us home, which my son was very disappointed as he was looking forward to a ride in a police car lol. But just there presence of being there and keeping us calm was fantastic. They were ok, but I was stuck in the car!

She did a great job in reassuring me all the time and my niece and was so in control of the whole situation including sorting traffic out too as we were kind of stuck in middle of the road! Couldn't have asked for a better officer to look after us! My niece is still talking about her now!

On the morning of 16th September I was arrested and received and cautioned at the Newark on trent police station. The offence committed was abandoning my children. I had left my three children a sleep through night due to an addition problem that I had for over 25 years. The female officer that dealt with me at the time seemed sympathetic and understanding to my issue.

I was regretful and remorseful of my actions of that night, however I do not believe that I would of seeked help for my addiction if it wasn't for the steps that the officer took. Her words to my wife that I needed help, and her commitment to ensure that I did not run from my consequences on that morning, helped change my life. September 18th I checked myself into a private treatment centre, and I wanted to let her know that I have been free from addiction since that day.

I am sure that she continues to use her experience and professionalism to help others and, perhaps without ever knowing the positive outcomes! If my story can help in away and how anonymous meetings can help, there are plenty out there. I was spotted by a patrol car, going through Kimberley at approx 11pm. The young offices turned around and followed me home, with blue lights flashing, and approached me as I got off my motorbike.

The very tall officer, name and number unknown, came to inform me that the right hand pannier side bag lid was open. I also just want to thank the officers for finding and returning a running shoe that I had accidentally jettisoned in Eastwood on my way home. They left the shoe and a note on the door step, with no name. They deserve a pint on me if and when they have time.

Please pass on my thanks and regards to them both. I've just told my wife the story and it's made her day. I dialled to report a burglary that I had just witnessed at the house next door. Whoever I spoke to was endlessly patient as I garbled my way through what I had just seen. I visited Nottingham on 28th May with my family including two young children aged 4 and 6. After the recent terrorist attacks people are naturally on edge in public places and the police were fantastic with talking to the public, talking to my children with one officer swapping hats with my son and posing for pictures with the children.

I also noticed the armed police talking to other children and taking photos with them. I just wanted to say thank you as you do a fantastic job in very scary times and you did a brilliant job of showing the increased police presence whilst not alarming people. This was on 15th May at about 1. I approached 2 PCSOs outside same after a failed suicide attempt.

They consoled me, talked to me, while the Police were alerted. They were excellent and emphatic male and female colleague. The first Police Constable arrive introduced herself as Jessica and spoke to me in the car. I was severely distressed but felt I was not time wasting her and was given a very sympathetic reaction. Her colleague, who used to be called Mark Smith and we 'bonded' over our names an family issues - he has since changed his surname he and took me to Nottingham hospital.

I wanted to tell them I am as well as can be expected but that they gave me hope and treated me as a person. After month of anti social behaviour these officers have kept us informed of all the ongoing information relating to the trouble, they have finally been able to involve the council and things are really improving.

An unknown officer was walking along Farnborough road in Clifton around on the 17th May. It was pouring with rain. We were in a funeral car travelling from Summerwood Lane direction along Farnborough road on our way to Wilford Hill crematorium. It was a sad journey for our family and the officer who was on foot, paused, removed his hat and stood still while we travelled past him. This was a kind mark of respect which I personally appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge our procession and getting rained on in the process. Through their hard work and persistence they caught and arrested the burglar who recently pleaded guilty and received a substantial sentence for this and other burglaries.

All of the members of the police that responded were very professional, polite and made us feel that the crime we had experienced was being taken seriously, treating us with kindness and sensitivity. In particular DC Clapham and DC Love kept me informed of developments with the case and made every effort to answer any questions that I had. I can't speak too highly of you and your work, and want you to know how much we appreciate it.

We're really pleased that the burglar is behind bars and also pleased for all of you that you got such a great result.

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We wish you all the best. PC had to come and break terrible and unexpected news to me and other family members. He was so kind, helpful and conscientious in his support to me and my family. He went over and beyond what I would have expected in an effort to support us in accessing information from another county. He showed such concern for our welfare. I cannot thank him enough. We are truly grateful to you, in the awful circumstances we were lucky to encounter someone of your kindness and integrity.

PC attended when my mother was found dead at her house in Beeston on 6 May.

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He was most courteous and professional and the whole family was very impressed with how he conducted himself. He's a credit to the force. A huge thankyou for your help. My vehicle was broken into on the 12th April , all of my tools were stolen that evening, that affected my livelyhood in a big way. PC rang to inform me of tools matching my description had been recovered.

To my amazement and pleasure the majority of my tools had been found. The way I was treated when I arrived at the station and the manner that my statement was taken was all very good, I was put at ease by the kindness that was given. Words cannot say how pleased I am to have my tools back but I felt it correct to write this email and I really hope PC Chadwick gets to hear about my email.

Once again many Thanks! Was polite reassuring and even fixed my gate whilst he was here went above and beyond his duty making phone calls etc to help and reassure me about a situation such a lovely man the example of how officers should act. My situation was already tense and fraught yet he did everyting he could to make things better.

He sat with me in my kitchen until gone in the morning to get the most information for a statement which was difficult as I was in shock. I really would like him to know that his attitude and approach and his colleagues made a difference on the worst day of my life. He is an absolute credit to the force and all too often we hear the negative rather than the positive. Please pass on my grateful thanks and appreciation for his sensitve handling of my case. She kept me calm and focused which I am very grateful for. Thank you so much.

This lady has dementia and I keep an eye on her. I could not contact the lady and the two men were unable to give me a supervisors name. I spoke to some of the ladies friends who normally know if anything is happening. No-one was able to say if they should be there or not. With so many scams involving old people I decided to contact the police to have them checked. The response from the operator and the officer who attended was first class and professional. I was eventually able to contact someone who informed me the work was authorised.

I informed the officer straight away.

CPR more often prolongs seniors' suffering than saves lives

I intend to tell the family, who live away, that they should let me know in future to save a lot of trouble. I apologise for the wasted effort by your staff, but thank them for their fast response. He ensured I gained all the necessary details of the other driver and kept me safe until my recovery arrived.

I was shook up following the incident and miles away from my home, but PC English reassured me and assisted greatly. What a genuine guy, a pleasure to meet and a credit to the Nottingham police force. She pulled into a lay by where Officer was parked. He immediately went to her assistance, called Paramedics and telephoned my son to advise the situation.

He stood by until my son arrived and saw Jane off in an Ambulance. He then kindly waited until my neighbour and I arrived to collect our car. He greeted me so pleasantly, brought me up to date with the chain of events and handed over the car keys. Officer then saw me off safely on my retuen journey. Darcey Jaques-Harris, Nottingham.

A true credit to the organisation, it's the little things that go a long way. Due to the excellent work officers arrived and dealt with the male. Also thanks need to be passed to the officers that attended as due to staffing levels it's understandable that officers will at times be a distance away. The due diligence of the call taker and officers sharp actions the male was arrested. On that merit alone you deserve kindness, respect and gratitude. Thank you guys so much! He went above and beyond his call of duty by making me feel safe and supported.

He was kind and friendly and want to say how much I appreciated his approach to the situation. Anonymous, Nottinghamshire. Despite my own and my friends high spirits, these two officers remained calm, friendly and good natured; they kept their sense of humour and are a credit to the force. PC Porter was called to a residential property on the outskirts of your county when my brother failed to turn up for work having passed away in the early hours on the morning, seemingly having suffered a heart attack. I would be very grateful if you could pass on our appreciation to the officer who is a real credit to the police service as a whole.

If I bumped into the officer in a pub I would gladly buy him a beer or three. We were in a very dangerous position as traffic was coming up fast from behind. He stayed there until the recovery towed us to a safer place. All three fantastically interacted with UAF crowd with big smiles despite tense situation.

It was really pleasure to watch. Also Police Liaison Officers working closely with EDL members showed high level of skills, patience as well as professionalism. I must admit due to some of my experiences of mansfield police I was worried what reception id get. Firstly the lady who took all my details on the phone was lovely and so kind and helpful. Then when the PCSO's came out they were fab!!! Very sympathetic to my concerns and didn't make me feel like a nuisance at all. Quite the opposite in fact. They phoned me very quickly afterwards too to explain what had happened as result of them following through with complaint.

I was more impressed they didn't look down on me or my sons problems and they were very much down to earth and spoke to us on a friendly level which made me feel more at ease. Although my son didn't feel he could be present in the room he did hear a lot of what was said and he said they were 'kind and sounded like they cared' and said 'I'm glad they want to help me' this spoke volumes to him who as a result of problems has been left with very low self esteem and untrusting of people.

He was wonderful - calm, efficient, listened, capable and most of all kind. It is a very difficult world for older people to cope with, standards and manners are so very different nowadays, so having someone like Josh to understand our problem has been such a relief. We would like to put on record our thanks and appreciation. Thank you Josh, a credit to the Force and his family. Thank you very much! I have been in ongoing contact with Tracy over some period of time trying to resolve some of the problems in our village.

She is always supportive and willing to to help or advise when I ask. Visiting us attending our meetings and giving feedback. A difficult job is done wonderfully by Tracy and her fellow officers. We do not always get the result we seek and things often take time but she is always professional, polite and friendly. My sincerest thanks to you all. It felt like he was there to give a service and not a business.

Thank you very much for your help. The officer is very much a value. He is a real credit to the community and himself. It was a very busy road and we were stopped partially blocking the lane. It was very worrying with how close the cars were getting to the car and each other as they were overtaking. We felt so much safer when the police cars blocked the lane. Then the police woman helped my husband to change the tyre which we couldn't do with out her help as I was looking after my 21month son. The response time was excellent too.

Your work is really appreciated, thank you. I did so and within minutes a patrol car with 2 very friendly officers was there to assist me. The lady officer radioed for assistance from other officers in the area to help push my car to a safer place. I have never felt this safe cycling before in the UK, and just like to say a massive Thank you to whoever was driving.

I just wish there were more considerate drivers like you". A shining example of what it should mean to be a policeman - a community protector and support structure.


As someone of the younger generation who has previously acted defiantly and with difficulty when confronted by the police, these officers managed to completely avoid provoking any defensive or defiant behaviour when in the past this has been an almost certain reaction. I was treated with respect and shown reason for various requests I originally refused and left the situation with a different, healthier view for Nottinghamshire Police and police in general.

I'd like to say thanks to both of these officers and let them know they did a great job. We need more policeman like you. He dealt with everything in a totally proffessional and appropriate manner, liaising with the community officers. Once I was safely in the ambulance en route to QMC, he made arrangements to get my wife to the hospital to see me. From then on he has dealt with the ongoing investigation and has ensured that I have been kept fully informed thoughout that process, even though I am now back home about miles from Nottingham.

Fortunately for me, PC Hirst also has a sense of humour. All the staff were helpful, kind professional and of positive nature. It was the worst day of my life and other family members, not knowing what had happened to mum. Myself and family all feel that due to your swift intervention, we had a the best outcome for mum. Who is currently in QMC recovering from her terrible experience.

How fortunate we are to have such a fantastic police force. Lovely manner and made us feel at ease, very reassuring to have him there. We were aware of Nottingham City Council's free bulky collection service but it was really nice to see someone from Community Protection left us a card with the number to call on. It is nice to know people are in the area when we are at work too. There was no name on the card just the message about the Bulky Collections and the number and at the bottom "Thanks, Community Protection". We really appreciate them taking the time out to do that.

In fact I saw many a rovers fan including myself go up to the officers thanking them for how they handled the game inside and outside the stadium. It would be nice if every police force had the same attitude. So once again thank you Nottinghamshire Police and also the stewards in the ground who had the same effect as above. As the distressed party's address showed that he actually falls under Lincolnshire Police's jurisdiction, the officer I spoke to made sure that the report was passed very quickly to your colleagues in that Service.

This enabled the charity for whom I work to bring the situation to a speedy and happy conclusion for the client.

The Job Hunt is DEAD - Sarah Andrus - TEDxWilmingtonUniversity

Our members would be grateful if the officer who helped redirect the information can be suitably recognised for their professionalism and empathy. The help that officer gave was invaluable, especially as it later transpired that the client has a previous suicide attempt on his record. PC Williams was at the scene to assist. It was a difficult time for the whole family, my mum in particular.

As a family we would like to convey our thanks and appreciation for the way that the situation was handled and the kindness and informative way in which PC Williams helped us out. Their prompt assistance and vigilance ensured her safe return, upset but unscathed. I doubt we would have found her without their knowledge and help. They were kindness itself and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I was very much worried and crying about the loss.

I also want to thank you Nottingham Central Police Station for such a fabulous experience. As a result I did get a position and I have just completed the three-day placement with Notts Police. Great service and a credit to the force. Chief Constable material. Thank you Paul for your ongoing support. I felt embarrassed as I couldn't change the tyre but both officers made me feel at ease. There were delays to traffic and the police handled it extremely well, sending an officer along the road to explain how long the wait would be. On a hot and humid day, people are much more prepared to wait patiently if they know how long they have to wait!

Well done and thanks for walking along the queue of traffic on such a hot and humid day to tell us how long we would need to wait. I reported that my car had been damaged in the car park behind store. Both the officers acted fantastically and I found them to be extremely helpful. They contacted the manager of the store and viewed the CCTV, meanwhile I headed off into town to my shop which I had told them that I was opening soon. An officer called Glenn was first to the scene and one of his colleagues escorted me to a garage. Fortunately my wife and I were fine and luckily my car wasn't damaged so I was able to continue my journey.

I would like to say a big thank you to the officers that helped us and for going that extra mile. WPC Bremner was very effective in being calm and patient. He would be very proud to be part of the same team of your staff and colleagues. Thank you again. She was professional yet sympathetic and I felt extremely reassured that she would do all she could to help me.

She is a great asset to Nottinghamshire Police. He was so thorough and helpful. He was kind, patient and left those concerned feeling like survivors, not victims. PC Smith's excellent attitude and engagement really impressed me. I really do appreciate this so much. Big thanks guys. Fortunately no motor vehicles were involved as the recent crown island incident which is so sad.

PC Bailey took control of the situation very quickly and safely and I truly appreciated what both officers did for me that day. Both officers went above and beyond and even recovered my "Nike run" gadget and offered to give me a lift back. I was in the line of traffic so one of the first on-scene.

The police were already promptly there. He thanked me and said no as paramedics had just arrived. They were doing this for a good while until the ambulance came. The officer was calm collected and very polite given the circumstances. He was amazing. A true gent and a wonderful human being. Devastating to see but the job you guys do is incredible. If any of the families involved could read this they would know everything possible was done efficiently and professionally. Our services really are the best. The professional way that they communicated all the information to us was second to none.

They showed huge amounts of care and compassion and could not have been more helpful. We are eternally grateful to the whole team, they didn't leave a stone unturned and after my dad's body was discovered the after care and kindness continued. A group of our family spent several hours with them on one dive, whilst they were searching. The whole team were so friendly introducing themselves and talking us through their dive.

They were very courageous and brave with their recovery of dad and Bethany and I were so grateful and touched by Leigh's aftercare when he took the time to visit us at home to explain in more detail. She took my brother and me to QMC hospital and then back home. Both these officers showed compassion and kindness to my brother and myself. Thank you so much, they are a credit to the police force. Heartfelt thanks to them both. I was in the line of traffic so one of the first on scene. Being a qualified Red Cross first aider, I offered my services to revive the motorcyclist to officer He went over and did CPR on the motorcyclist, giving his absolute best efforts to save the man.

He was amazing — a true gent and a wonderful human being. All on scene did everything in their power to ensure they could save both people involved.

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